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paris hilton and kim kardashian shopping, make money onlineIf you want to become good at making money online, you have to get more for your money. For every dollar that you invest into your online business, get a good return. You better learn how to stretch out that dollar. I think that i’m a pretty good shopper. I like buying things on sale. I see a big difference in the money spent from when my wife goes grocery shopping and when i go. Usually my wife spends like $200. My receipt hoovers around $150. I’m that good. We buy the same stuff. I don’t buy generic foods either. I buy the brands that are on sale. Is there really a difference between Dole and Del Monte? Coke or Pepsi? And, i’m big on stocking up. That’s why i love Costco!

Do you think you’re a good shopper? Do you know how to stretch out your dollar? Maybe i have a Rainman like brain. I’m always calculating and saying “OHh Ohn” and writing thins in my note book. When i buy something, i’m always looking for alternatives. I compare prices. When i buy cigrettes, i buy 100s. Why? Cause i get more tobacco per ciggy. (i’m like an old lady…and bloggernoob does not condone the use of tobacco) When i go to Panda Express, i order to-go even if i eat there. Why? Cause they give you more in those Styrofoam packs as opposed to the paper plates.

When you’re buying something online, you should always look for alternatives. Right before you check out, do a quick search online about that product. Also, open up another tab on your browser and do a quick promo code check. Who knows, you might find a discount code that saves you a few dollars.

When you’re about to buy that useless ebook, do a quick search for free material online. Trust me, those ebooks won’t get read. And, all of the stuff in those ebooks can be found for free online.

Thinking of paying for a wordpress theme? Don’t, just find yourself a free one. WordPress designers will tell you that custom themes are better, blah blah blah, but they really aren’t. There are hundred of thousands of free wordpress themes out there. Pick one and tweak it. Or at least look around for a cheaper “premium theme.

Think about how hard you worked for that money. If you want to make money online, you should work just as hard when you’re spending that money.

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