Get off your high horse

horse.jpgI think some bloggers are snobs. It’s not just the super bloggers either. Some bloggers really hate sponsored posts. They’ll say that it cheapens your blog or you have way to many ads. I say, “get off your high horse!” Who made you blogging god? If you want to monetize your blog, you have to sell out. Period. Some may say, “well i only put relavant ads.” Whatever! You were paid for it, meaning you sold it, meaning you sold out. I have a make money blog, so i try to make money from it. Does it really matter that it’s an El Pollo Loco ad? Do you think a “reverse funnel cake” ad is better? El pollo loco has some delicious chicken wraps. Reverse funnel cake is an internet scam. Who is the bigger sell out? Probably the same. At least if you bought my ad, your belly is filled with delicious chicken burritos. On the other hand, reverse funnel system gets you what? You’re out 50 bucks or whatever it costs. It doesn’t nothing. People who have bought into similar scams will protest. That’s only cause you’re trying to push the same scam…you scammer. least develop your own scam, don’t push someone else’s scam. Idiots!

I was banned from 45n5 top list. Why? Cause i have too many ads. Umm ok. I don’t mind it. But what about johnchow? His blog is only ads. Ads and restaurant reviews? But he can’t wipe johnchow from his list. No. He has to kiss his arse!

I try to be very choosy in picking my blogging “friends.” Cause i really want to be honest with this make money blog. I don’t want to be biased or have to do some ass kissing when i should be bashing. Rant done!

12 thoughts on “Get off your high horse

  1. Sarah

    I’ve seen more ads, and they don’t bother me. As long as it’s not effecting the download time, who gives a flyin’ poop?

  2. Bob

    Right on Noob! I think as long as your honest and open, and there aren’t so many ads the content can’t be found, you’re in good shape.

  3. menopauseprincess

    Oh preach Noob!

    I have a personal blog that I want to make money with (that’s got to be a niche of its own!), and the first times paid postings started showing up on my blog I got some snarky comments.

    Lost those “friends” because I was doing paid postings. Guess they weren’t really friends eh?

  4. whydowork

    I suppose I could be considered one of the “snobs” who don’t like paid posts. More a personal preference than something I’d hold against a blog I read.

    I’m totally ok with blogs that do paid posts, I just don’t like doing them myself for one main reason:
    1.) I usually don’t like the product I’m supposed to be reviewing and I’ll just end up trashing it.

    If someone does, or created something great, I’ll write about it for free because I think its cool.

    For example I’d work El Pollo Loco into a post if i had a burrito that I felt was a 10/10. Thus far they are only about a 6 for me so it hasn’t happened yet :)

  5. Sunny

    I would say that I fall somewhere in between on paid posts. I will do them, but I’m only goign to accept an offer on something that will bring value to my readers–is actually relevant to the blog.

    Just my 2c. which is worth less and less these days.

  6. Annie

    Okay, I’ve said it before and I’ll have to say it again….I’m new and I just don’t get all the fuss. I am considering paid posts because we all have to make a living one way or another. As long as we are tasteful (or not depending upon who you are)who really gives a flying rat’s patootie? If readers don’t want to read it, then they can just not read it, how much simpler can it be? I don’t plan to do paid posts instead of my usual stuff, just as an addition. If I write anymore, I might as well turn this into a post! Will you pay me? Ha Ha!

  7. Allyn Paul

    I hate you Noob because I haven’t had ElPollo Loco in many years. Next you’re gonna mention In N Out Burger and really get me missing SoCal!

  8. the noob Post author

    sarah- thank you. exactly

    justindupre- everybody loves chicken

    bob- thanks bob. i have a lot of ads and i’ll be placing more. but hopefully i’ll have more content too.

    menopauseprincess- can i get an amen. forget those snobs. i’m ur blogging friend. lets just make more like minded blogging friends.

    whydowork- if thats your personal perference. you’re not a snob. snobs are the ones who are narrow minded. you’d be a snob if you had problems with other bloggers putting up ads and etc.

    sunny- i respect ur opinion. but you have to ask yourself. do ads bring value to your blog. is there such a thing? if you got paid for it, the only value it created was for youself. just my 2 cents. it’s not worth much either. :)

    annie- amen sister! speak sista speak

    allynpaul- guess what allyn. im in cali. in LA. imma eat some in and out and some Tommy burgers and get pinks hotdogs. oh yeah. some roscoes chicken and waffles. yum yum. i heard chicago gonna get so cold this weekend. :)

    healthytips- johnchow has a lot of ads. that’s why he makes the big bucks. it’s not just ads on his blog tho. he has some good restaurant reviews.

  9. Mitch

    You got booted off of 45n5 for having too many ads? o_O I guess Mark there will never put me on there then since I about the same amount, just spread out throughout the site.

    Anyways about the paid posts thing. I guess you can say I’m one of those that don’t like paid reviews. I won’t do them for my site, and that’s a personal preference. Usually its because if its a site I like to read posts from I’ll subscribe to it, and I don’t like to see a new post in my reader only to have it be a paid review.

    That’s my opinion though, but I guess that makes me a snob? =P

  10. the noob Post author

    mitch- yeah booted from 45n5. something about too many paid posts showing up on moneylinks. i don’t mind. but he should have let me know about it via email or something. he did it without letting me know. i found out cause a reader pointed that out. not cool. i understand it that a lot of paid posts gets to be a drag for rss readers. but i try to communicate in code to my readers about my paid posts. i can’t disclose it in the posts, but i usually titled it differently from my regular posts. so my regular readers know which feeds to skip. ur not a snob. snobs react differently. u made a clear and respectable argument.

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