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make money online with marissa tomeiThe biggest problem i have with my blog is that i run out of material. It’s hard to post relevant material every friggin day. I’ve said that going to the book store is a great way to get inspired. Picking up a new magazine can help create new ideas for a niche blog. Another way to get your juices flowin is by visiting web forums. Web forums like Digitalpoint, sitepoint, and wickedfire are filled with interesting threads. If you run a blog about blogging, you’re sure to find a lot of topic ideas. If you run a “make money online” blog, then you better stay current by hitting these web forums.

As a noob, sometimes it gets overwhelming inside those forums. The lingo they use is often very foreign. Don’t get intimidated. Just try to soak up all you can. There are a lot of successful webmasters on that forum. You’ll find valuable contacts by getting involved. If you read a lot of those threads, you’ll learn a lot of SEO tricks and marketing ideas. Instead of buying a useless ebook for $45, read various threads in webmaster forums for free. I can almost guarantee that the info discussed in are way more useful.

10 thoughts on “Get post material from web forums

  1. Anthony at

    That’s true! Other forums you can go and read if you are in the “make money online” niche are The Warrior Forum and Conquer Your Niche Forum.

    There also is a forum called MoneyMakersGroup which is targeted mainly to HYIP and other money games, but it has sections devoted to other kind of sites where you can grab a lot of ideas to use in your blog.

  2. Forest

    I have to try and find the time today to go visit all the frugal forums to gather some ideas for my new frugal site.

    It is a drag to keep posting on a regular basis inside a niche…. that is why is many ways I love The Random Forest….

  3. the noob Post author

    anthony- thanks for the input. i’ll have to check those forums out.

    forest- haha. frugal forums. forest, i have to say that you are one of the hardest working bloggers i know. great job buddy and you’re sure to make money online with your work ethic.

    tom- real life is awesome. my life isn’t as exciting, so i have to resort to forums and web magazines. 😉

    eric- there are so many more web forums. a lot of them small, but thoese are good to join to, because the moderator or webmaster will be more willing to help you our personally. and if the site catches on, then you will be one of the original members. 😉

    revenue- yeah, new material is hard to come by. glad this post was useful for you. Thanks.

  4. m.dinesh

    You re right bloggernoob,
    I am a contest blogger and i usually check the forums for different contest and i post them in my blog.

  5. the noob Post author

    m dinesh- whatever type of blogger you are, you’re sure to find a lot of material for posts. it could be news, or the latest ad program, or seo tricks. it’s a great place for free education.

  6. m.dinesh

    You are right noob,
    I will remember this tip, because when i set up my own site, I can use it.
    I think this tip is used by many people – even top bloggers.

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