Get your technorati authority above 100 in 3 weeks

makemoneyblog1.jpgEven a month ago, bloggernoob dot com’s technorati authority loomed around 10. It was pathetic. I did some link trades on digitalpoint and asked for links vis email but my technorati wouldn’t go up. I guess i didn’t know how to work technorati. As you can see, bloggernoob has a technorati rank of 43,404 and 143 authority. I jumped 130 points in just 3 weeks. If you want to make money with you blog, you need to pad your stats. Your alexa, google, and technorati ratings need to be maximized if you plan on doing some private ad sales in the future. Here are some tricks to get your technorati authority above 100 in 3 weeks. These tips will up your blog reactions in no time. Get ready to make money with you blog!

First you should leave comments on other people’s blogs. Some bloggers set up “no no follow” functions on their blogs to encourage comments. If you find a blog that follows your comments, leave a comment. Don’t spam tho. Make sure you leave a useful comment. Leave around 5-10 comments a day for 3 weeks. Even if you can’t find a “no no follow” blog, get in the habit of leaving useful comments on different blogs.

Link to blogs that are smaller then your blog. By doing this, that blogger is sure to visit your blog and return the kind gesture. I mentioned before how important it is to show some link love to smaller blogs. Implement this tip cause you will get something out of it and help out a fellow struggling blogger. Include around 2 links to smaller blogs in each of your daily posts.

Hold contests. You don’t have to give away a huge prize. A successful contest is not just about monetary gain. It’s about fun. Look at the success of my random contests. My expense is only $5 per random contest. But people love it cause it’s easy and fun. They link to me too! Have a budget and spread it out for 3 weeks. If you have a budget of 20 bucks, then do 4 $5 contests in that 3 week period. Make sure it’s a fun contest or no one will bother entering.

I won’t go into detail about other generic thing you should already be doing like writing quality content and updated daily. By following these simple tips, you’re sure to get your technorati authority above 100 in 3 weeks. Remember to work hard on it.

8 thoughts on “Get your technorati authority above 100 in 3 weeks

  1. abi

    Nice one rankings on google,technorati n alexa are sad!! hahah..but i guess its all hard work if you wanna make it big eh!! Oh well…its a learning curve and i still am :)

  2. allen

    I have a lot work to do myself bloggernoob my ranking is techorati is like 15 I still need A lot to catch you but thanks for the great tip

  3. witchypoo

    I just checked my technorati authority. It’s 61, so nothing much there, but I have no clue how to check my rating.Aren’t more people using Stumbleupon these days for hits?

  4. the noob Post author

    abi- yup. just keep working and learning. work as you learn and learn while u work.

    allen- always a pleasure allen

    garg- i have that problem too. i have links from medium blogs but don’t get the ping. weird.

    witchypoo- 61 ain’t bad. i think stumbleupon and technorati are really different. technorati is probably more respected as far as gauging a blog and it’s authority. stumbleupon is good for boosting traffic. not a big fan of stumbleupon but it’s gotten me some traffic. i love stumbling videos tho. only problem is that it’s always the same videos. they should try to improve that. digg is pretty much dying.

  5. the noob Post author

    ksc7- ur too kind

    erik- i think if you do those things i wrote…and u devote time into it, you’ll be at 100 auth in no time.

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