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mia maestro makes money onlineYou will find out that blogging can can pretty difficult if you try to do everything on your own. I found about this the hard way. I’m a do it yourself type of guy, so i don’t like asking for help. That’s why it took me a long time to figure out the basics of blogging. Blogging is a time consuming hobby. When you’re starting out, everything will seem difficult. I guess that’s why most people quit within the first couple weeks. When things get hard, people quit. But those that press on are the ones that will make money online.

I want to tell you guys that you are not alone in your struggles. During my 7 months of blogging, i’ve come across a lot of cool people. People are so willing to help you out. You gotta go out and ask for it tho. You can’t just stay on your blog. You have to go out and network. The best way to get help is by leaving comments on useful blogs. That way, your blog and your name will be noticed by the blogger. And later, after you’ve established your presence, you can send that blogger an email.

If you just send out random emails, they will most likely get lost in the spam folder. That’s why it’s important to leave comments first. And when you’re sending out emails, be sure to address the blogger by name. Don’t send out boiler plate emails. When i receive something with the header, “dear sir or madam” or “dear blogger” i just throw it away in the spam folder. I assume that it’s a mass spam email.

Blog networking is about connections. When there are millions of blogs out there, it gets pretty impersonal. People like attention. People want to feel special. I get a lot of emails from different bloggers. The ones i address are the ones that call me by name. The emails i answer are the ones that address me by name. I’m more then willing to help out a fellow blogger. I think it’s a good for Karma. And i figure, if i help them out, i could ask for help later down the line.

Don’t be shy about getting help on your blog. You’ll find a lot of willing blogger as long as you ask nicely. Be specifc and polite. Show respect and you’ll receive guidance and make some money online.

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  1. Paul |

    Thanks for the tip. I’m a bit of a control freak myself, but I appreciate your point. Plus, I like the idea of commenting first to build relationships… I might just try that 😉

    Paul Hancox

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