Getting mentioned by the big boys

rollingstone.jpgAlways feels good to be noticed. When you’re mentioned by one of the big boys, your confidence soars and your ego goes Yao Ming. I started blogging because of my youtube clip. I made a few youtube clips over a year ago. It was pretty fun making really bad animation. I just wanted to share the silly video clips with a few of my friends but my clip started to become popular. I couldn’t believe it. Then it hit over a 100k views and i started thinking about setting up my own website. I figured that if my stupid video can get 100 thousand views, i can write a make money blog and get at least a thousand or so visitors. I was right!!! One of my youtube clips got over 1.29 million views. Crazy right? It’s really bad animation!!! Proves that you don’t have to be good to be noticed.

oklego.jpgI got addicted to interacting with people who left comments on my videos. It was so much fun. That’s when i knew i wanted to set up this make money blog. This way, i could make a little cash with my blog and have fun at the same time. Thus the birth of BloggerNoobism. I don’t make bad animation anymore cause i spend most of my free time on this baby.(see header pic) That video clip is famous. It was even featured in Rolling Stone Magazine. It was on various television shows in the states and in the UK. I never saw it on tv but i received emails asking for my permission to use it. And a lot of the comments referenced the tv appearance. I even got paid for it. A UK tv stations paid me 400 euros to buy the right to it for a documentary they were making.

I hope that one day, i can get that type of press coverage for BloggerNoob dot com. Probably not but i can only dream….lalala. I don’t know of any tricks to get featured by big media. I think if you keep posting great content, you’re bound to get noticed one of these days. although, i do get some lovin from Kontera. BloggerNoob dot com is one of the blogs they read. Cool.

10 thoughts on “Getting mentioned by the big boys

  1. Glen L Graham

    Hey Noob

    I enjoyed your videos good stuff. I like doing animations as well, but have been so busy with work to develop any for my own business. This year all of that is going to change. Seeing your animation was a good reminder.

  2. theAtypical

    Sweet stop motion animation! It needs a few million more hits to go viral. 😀 Well done on the big mention, are you planning any Lego remakes?

  3. the noob Post author

    glen l graham- thanks glen, i’m a very bad animator, but i like to have fun with it. i think it’s funny. let me know when you make one, i wanna see.

    shadowknight- yup. i feel not so alone in this world.

    thepropertypundit- no way!!! what a small world. haha. im famous steve! when were were chatting, did you realize you were talking to a celebrity???

    theatypical- haha. a few million more…don’t think that’ll happen. not sure if i’ll make more, very time consuming. but if i do i’ll post it on this blog.

    gargtheunzola- thanks. i have so much respect for stop motion animators now.

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