Getting rich by making $5 a day

angelina jolie makes a lot of money onlineIf you’ve been blogging for more then a few months, you probably already know that making $5 a day with your blog is rather easy. I was able to do this on bloggernoob dot com right from the get go. Five dollars may not seem like much, but if you multiply it by 20, you got yourself a nice hundy bill. (hundy bill = hundred dollars) I know what you’re saying. Who has the time and energy to run 20 blogs? So very true. The time constraint makes it hard to monetize multiple blogs. Or does it? Regardless, making money by blogging is done five dollars at a time. The big fish make a bit more, but let’s be realistic noobs. You can make money online, but don’t expect to make six figures.

If five dollars a day is easy to reach, how hard do you think it would be to reach ten dollars a day? Not that difficult right? Just put in double the effort on your $5/day blog and you got it. Or, you could spread that $5 love around by setting up another blog.

When you start setting up multiple blogs, you realize that there is a definite time restraint. Even if you’re a fast writer (like me) it will take you at least 15 mins to write a readable post. Times that by 20 blogs and you’re talking about 5 hours of work. That’s a lot of work. Let’s dig a little deeper. If you can squeeze 5 dollars a day per blog for 20 blogs, and it only takes you 15 mins to write a post, isn’t it worth it? You’ll making $100/day by working 5 hours. It’s not a lot of money, but the income is better then most entry level jobs. Anyway, i don’t expect you to update all 20 blogs every day. On most of those blogs, just update once a week. That’s what i do and i’ve turned a lot of them into $5 a day blogs.

If a hundred dollars a day doesn’t tempt you, think about the kicker. The kicker is that your blogs have potential for growth. Out of your 20 blogs, a few will start getting google page rank. And when that happens, you can sell private ads. Also, you are growing assets. Your developed blogs can later be sold for thousands of dollars. You see what i’m getting at? This little scenario shows the potential of multiple blogging doesn’t it? I’m not about making a quarter of a million dollars from my laptop in Hawaii. I’m about good old fashioned work. Hard work. I’m talking about getting rich by making $5 a day. Sure you might even become a 6 figure blogger. (most likely not) But if you work at it, you could easily become a 5 figure blogger. Especially if you run multiple blogs.

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  1. Jared Stenzel

    Now, if you were to open 20 current event type blogs in the same exact niche and rewrite posts over and over and over for all your blogs, it may also work, and take less time 😉

  2. Matt

    Sounds good noob, except my blog got rejected for having too much adult content (say what?) anyway, I guess I’ll have to start a new blog unless you know of anyone who wants me to write $5 posts in an sort-of-adult niche

  3. Eric

    Getting $5 a day is not a bad head start.
    Setting up 20 blogs is really a hard task, but certainly will yield great results if rightly done.

  4. Wendy

    I’m confused. I still don’t understand how a Blog can even make $5 a day. Is it because you are using Googleads or Commission Junction ads?

  5. Debby Phillips


    Have you read 5 Bucks A Day?
    It is an e-book that I would suggest every affiliate marketer read. It is written by Dennis Becker, who is extremely nice and helpful. He also owns the forum
    Check it out if you get the chance.


  6. Taylor

    I honestly don’t get this post. Blogging takes a lot more effort then just doing a 15 minute post a day.

    To be a successful blogger, it takes promotion, networking, and hours and hours on end of off site work.

    If you’re looking to be successful without doing any of the above, you have to make sure you’re getting most of your traffic via search engine. Otherwise, you’ll be in for a heavy haul that you will not be able to handle.

    PS: I work on my one blog anywhere from 6-8 hours a day. Posting only takes a a portion of the time. The hard work is getting your content available to readers.

  7. the noob Post author

    jared- that’s a good idea. get to work on it jared. 😉

    matt- hmm. too much adult content. since when is adult content ever too much. 😉 yeah, u should limit the links to porn and gambling sites. it lowers ur site. just set up a porn site instead. keep things seperate matt. 😉 btw, just checked out ur site, i say there isn’t enough adult content. 😉

    bernt- nice link. yeah i think static pages work well for certain ad programs. and it’s easier to maintain. no need for frequent updates.

    sudarshan- what do you mean? how do i sell private ads? or how do i place private ads?

    jeff- good questions. hmm, it would be a toss up between paid plugs and affiliate sales. I think new sites are monetize fastest with paid plugs. thats cause you don’t need traffic to write for ppp. but affiliate commissions are made only when you have consistant traffic. and then later, u switch to private ads. sell links etc.

    wendy- 5 dollars a day can be made by a variety of ways. yes, i know people who have great niche sites that earn with adsense. u can also set up sites for the big affiliate commissions, like web hosting or creditcards. or u can farm the sites together to sell links to other web masters.

    debby- hey debby. did u see the contest post? got around 150 entrants. i guess people love the ipod. thanks for the link, i shall check it out.

    taylor- u are right. that’s for blogs that you actually care about. like bloggernoob, i don’t just whip up a 15 min post. i spend time on research and on marketing. but, i’m talking about setting up B blogs. blogs that u set up just to make money, without thinking about readership. setting up blogs just for search engines.

    shawal- is the list of how i make money with this blog. it’s all a matter of building up a steady level of traffic and then selling that traffic. whether it be affiliate links or paid plugs or selling links. email if specific questions if you need more help. cheers!

  8. Wendy

    Thanks for the clarification and link to your income report – impressive.

    Which service would you suggest to use to get started?

  9. bloggernoob

    wendy- i say join them all. i think people should join every affiliate and paid plugging site. join any and every ad network. For starters tho, i think u’ll find the most success with paid plugs. it’s the easiest way to make $5 a day.

  10. Wendy

    Well, I don’t have time to join them all. Is there one or two you could suggest that would be better than the others that I can join to start with. Thanks for your help.

  11. the noob Post author

    wendy- ok, for noobs, i say join payperpost, and sponsored reviews. and the affiliate site should either be commission junction or market leverage. hope that helps wendy.

    taylor- i win? i win the argument? yeah me! :) ur point is valid too. it’s difficult to manage quality blogs. very time consuming.

  12. Wendy

    Ok Mr. Noob thanks for the 411. I signed up for Payperpost but now I have to get my butt in gear and post some more on my Blog before they will approve it.

    Quick question: How do you know which advertisers will make you a fair amount of money on Commission Junction? I have used them for years on and off and have never made a cent!

  13. bloggernoob

    wendy- u should put ur url up. i want to check out ur site. yeah u should post at least 10 in the last month before they will approve u. and i think ur site has to be at least a month old. hmm. i usually stick with the high performing ones. they list it on their site. and i usually go for the bigger paying deals. like web hosting and credit cards. depends on your site really. i think dating links work well on popular dating type blogs. eharmony etc. it all depends. and of course, u have to have traffic to convert. what’s ur traffic?

  14. Wendy

    No traffic to speak (14 a week maybe) of since I only started it in April and I am not posting it nor advertising it yet. It is part of our business and I am still figuring out the direction and “personality” I want to take it.

    I also want to geer advertising to the image of my business and Blog so dating sites will probably be out. I like to make money but still there is an image to protect when you are in business.

    And, right now I am “afraid” of new business from added hits because we are swamped :)

  15. the noob Post author

    wendy- business is good. nice! also, u should think about getting your own web hosting. especially cause it’s a business blog. if ur not ready for hosting, u should at least get your own domain name. and point it to your blogspot blog. 😉 btw, i have an aroma therapy store in LA. It’s a little boutique shop in downtown los angeles. For me, business has been slow. It’s probably cause i’m not there. Small businesses only work when you manage it.

  16. Wendy

    We have our own hosting for the 2 main websites but I didn’t think I really needed it for the Blog. We have links back and forth from Blog to sites and back again. Our wholesale business is what is booming. We could never make a go of it retailwise.

  17. Gerard

    You gotta be kidding me.
    Well, if your serious about this post, I strongly think you expect too much from noob bloggers.

  18. jeflin

    I just saw a post on problogger advising us not to stretch ourselves too thin. But not everybody can enjoy the same success as Darren Rowse… we can only do what suit us best.

    Having 20 blogs is really taxing unless you can write fast and have a certain knowledge about a certain subject so you don’t really need to research much.


  19. the noob Post author

    gerard- once u get the hang of it, it’s not that hard to set up a new blog. All you have to do is find a way to update and write quick.

    jeflin- yes it is. 20 blogs is not for everybody, but it can be done. Again, i stress that 19 out of those 20 blogs will just be for search engines. Have one main blog that you actually grow readership and etc. the 19, is straight up monetization purposes.

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