Getting the hang of self hosting

abbie cornish make money onlineI’ve been blogging for a little over 6 months. In this time, i’ve learned a great deal about websites. I was able to learn fast because i got myself started with my own hosting. It was hard at first, but after a few weeks, everything started to make sense.

I know a lot of you guys are on blogspot or wordpress dot com. Free hosted blogs are a great way to start, but after you get the hang of it, you should really consider switching to your own host ASAP. When you’re on your own hosting plan, you can join more programs and increase your chance of monetizing your blog. Also, i’ve been noticing that a lot of newbies start off with blogspot and switch to self hosted wordpress. These bloggers know how to blog, but when they switch to their own host, they get a bit discouraged. They have to relearn how to blog.

Starting off and then switching is a pain in the ass. It can waste a lot of you valuable time. If you want to start blogging and you’re still not sure what type of hosting you should go with, i recommend you go with your own host. You can check out the hosts that i recommend.