Getting Traffic and Keeping Traffic

graph.jpgThe first thing a blogger has to do besides create content, is get traffic. Unless your blog is for your eyes only, you probably want people to read it. It takes a lot of work to get traffic but that’s not even half of it. Keeping your traffic is the hard part.

You could pay for reviews and links that will bring you traffic. You could spend a lot of time on blogcatalog and forums to bring people to your site. But once they come, you have to keep them. Having a lot of repeat visitors ups your potential advertising price. You probably can’t get people to advertise on you blog in the beginning, but it should be a part of your blog’s master plan. Look at johnchow. He get’s the majority of his 27k a month in private ad sales. You can push affiliates and do a lot of paid posting but you won’t make much until you start getting some ad revenue. Bloggernoob doesn’t have advertisers yet but i plan on developing that for the future. I’ve had a few paid link sales and i loved it. It was so effortless and beautiful. Almost cried that day.

This blog get between 200-500 unique visitors per day. What i’ve noticed is that, it works out like a real estate cycle. Real estate rises and falls in 7-10 year cycles. You see a sharp rise then falls a little bit then rises again and so on and so forth. It always goes up in the long run. With blog traffic, you hit a sharp rise, then you drop a little bit and it’s up to you to get it back up again. Blogging and websites are not as stable as real investments cause it there really isn’t any tangible asset.

Bloggernoob dot com started with 1 reader/author. This continued for about a couple of weeks until i forced some of my offline friends and family to check it out. Some of them did and never came back. I kept writing and working my SEO and i was starting to see a few clicks here and there. I was hooked. I kept trying different tricks to increase traffic and i started seeing more and more visits. After about 3 weeks, i had around 40-80 uniques a day. After that high point, i saw it drop a little then come back to to 40-80 a day. After about a month, i saw another spike. And over the next few days, it dropped again and came back up to that level. This kept repeating to where i am now. So i figure, as long as i keep posting some good content, i should see another cycle in the next week or so.

The greatest hurdle in blogging is giving up. There are so many reasons to quit blogging. Not enough time, i’m wasting my time, i’m not making any money, nobody is reading, nobody cares. If you give in, you will fail. But if you hit your down cycle and make yourself work harder, then you’ll start seeing more traffic and more dollars. Once that happens, you’ll never want to quit. Blogging isn’t for everybody, but if you want to try it out, try it properly. Work on your blog until you hit your first cycle and then decide if bloggings for you. And when you start, make sure you have your own domain and hosting.

14 thoughts on “Getting Traffic and Keeping Traffic

  1. Craiger

    Interesting article. Thanks for giving us a peek behind the curtain. Hopefully, blogging doesn’t have the same exact cycle as real estate! 7-10 years is a long cycle for the internet!

  2. Adrian Keys

    “Hopefully, blogging doesn’t have the same exact cycle as real estate! 7-10 years is a long cycle for the internet!”

    lol…that would not be funny. I like the post though but feel while there has to be a grand plan…the money aspect has to take a back seat for at least a year.

    I am convinced it’s all about traffic but even more importantly, “loyal” traffic. Loyal traffic and not just any traffic can go a far way in convincing sponsors.

  3. rhyan

    darn noob’s traffic can be compared to a skyline with NOS on it. It surely burst up 😀 …. being honest on his opinion is one of the quality which I really like most.

  4. Grant

    Great article, noob!

    My biggest problem is attracting people to my blog. It may be due to specialized content, but it may also be due to less frequent posts as compared to other blogs that have more posts but less “content”, if that makes sense.


  5. Blogtommy

    It’s not an easy gig, but nothing online is. I’m still nowhere close in relation to offline vs online and all I see everyday all around me is online this and that growing by leaps and bounds…About 6 months ago my business plan incorporated an online presence and change with the goal of 50/50. I’m nowhere close still. Thankfully the off pays the bills cuz the on…is a bit slow in materializing.


  6. JustChris

    One thing to keep in mind is note for web surfing patterns on your audience. For instance, a website about movies would expect to drop in traffic overnight when some greatly hyped movies are released.

  7. bloggernoob

    craiger- haha. internet is more like 7-10 days cycle. or 7-10 weeks. call me the noob of oz.

    adrian keys- i think it’s important to monetize early cause i think it fuels the blogger’s willingness to continue. but building up content and a loyal readership is key.

    rhyan- skyline with nos. man that takes me back to my high school years. used to time the qtr mile. fun times.

    louie-thanks for reading louie

    ryan-true. u keep writing and your blog will grow in time.

    kmcgra- thanks, i really appreciate it.

    grant- specialized content makes it hard to reach a wide audience…but in time you’ll have ultra loyal readers. that will be very valuable.

    blogtommy-i think for small businesses. you have to integrate an online extension or it will be hard to compete with the big retail.

    justchris-good point chris

    extrahealth-thanks. feel great to read that.

  8. Blogtommy

    blogtommy-i think for small businesses. you have to integrate an online extension or it will be hard to compete with the big retail.

    That’s exactly what I’m attempting to do, but unfortunately I tend to aim high with the goal of making as much on line as off. May be a pipedream, but the ratios are closing…just not as quickly as I’d like. We don’t really compete with retail per se…just kind of compete with them on the general principle of product, not specific products. If that makes any sense…LOL


  9. the noob Post author

    blogtommy- i don’t think it’s a pipedream. as long as you work hard and spend money one marketing and advertising, your online business may even surpass your offline income. good luck to you and happy holidays. :)

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