Give me your sales pitch

boa.jpgInternet marketing, E commerce, and blogging for money is all about sales. If you can make a dime off it, you’re probably trying to sell something. I blog about making money online. So, naturally, i sell the idea of making money online.

Specifically, i sell ad space. I sell private ads. I sell posts. I sell sidebar space. I sell the programs that may or may not help other noobs make money online. And to be honest with you…most of them don’t.

I run a humble blog, but it has in fact made me some nice pocket change. I can buy myself a nice overpriced cup of coffee whenever i feel like it. To make more money, i need the help of my noob readers. If it wasn’t your clicks, i would have to make my own damn coffee. My blog may be small, but it’s got heart. And the noob, knows how to show his appreciation. So, i’ve decided to give back to my little blogging community.

I do a lot of these “give back” type posts on my blog. I give out random prizes. I’ve even bought ads from my readers. I will do something a little different this time.

I want you guys to practice your sales pitch. Pitch to me. Make me buy an ad on your blog. Write about why i, or anyone else should advertise on your blog. I will select 3 winners. The three best entries will get 10 bucks via paypal and a review on my blog. I know the prize ain’t much, but hey…it’s something. And it’ll be fun.

How to enter.

Write a blog post. In that blog post, pitch to your readers about the ad space you want to sell. Link to this post in your post. Mention this contest. Leave me a comment and you’re entered.

1. Write a pitch post.
2. Link to this post.
4. Mention this pitch promotion(contest)
3. Leave a comment.

I’ll select the winners after 20 or more people enter.

It sucks to not get anything for writing a post. I recognize this, so i will give everyone who enter a dollar for their post. Again, it ain’t much, but it’s more then what other people offer. Try it out. If you don’t win, you’ll at least get a dollar. You can buy 2 apple pies at Mickey D’s.

To filter out the people who are doing this just to get a dollar from me, i’ll put a requirement. You’re post must have an image and have a min of 200 words. Sounds fair right?

19 thoughts on “Give me your sales pitch

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  3. the noob Post author

    normal joe- thanks, and i hope you enter.

    matt- you are entred! i have a feeling you will win matt. not very active this contest. i guess i should have promoted it more. well at least it looks like you’ll win. :)

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  5. bloggernoob

    normal joe- thanks, good luck with your entry.

    matt- thanks, me likes, good luck with your entry

    phil- you are entered. remember, one entry per person. good luck phil

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  8. wendy

    You truly didn’t think for one minute I would miss out on this did you.

    The ad itself only comes to 192 so heading back to add a few more words to hit the slotted 200 mark. LOL

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  10. Jared Stenzel

    Yey, a dollar! I got anhosting to reset my entire database of uploaded files for me. I’m currently getting my domain unparked from my main domain. So if in the next 34+ hours I get the blog back up, I’ll be sure to enter. I mean, even if I don’t win, you will be proud to know you were the guy who made me my first dollar blogging 😉

  11. the noob Post author

    Contest is over. Thanks guys for entering. The winners are Wendy, Jared, and Matt. Email me your paypal email and i will send you $10. I will include a review of you sites too in one of my future posts. Congrats!

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  13. John Cena

    Hey your contest was quite cool..

    But guess it’s over.. I hope you will arrange for more contest’s in the near future.. So, even I can get a dollar or ten from your side.. 😀

    Anyways, great IDEA !!

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