Give props to smaller blogs

smallblog.jpgWhy should you give props and link love to smaller blogs? Cause they can use the attention and will really appreciate your link. Smaller blogs have ultra loyal readers. If you mention them, they will come to your blog. Their readers will come to your blog aswell. Big time bloggers already get too much attention already so your link will neither be appreciate or noticed. On the other hand, if you mention a small time blogger, he or she will most definitely check out your site and might even become a regular visitor. Maybe they will even mention you back. Getting link love isn’t just about writing good content, it’s about building relationship. So, if you connect with a smaller blog, you’ll find that you’ve made a blogger buddy. Make sure you link to small blogs that are active that contain solid material. Don’t just link to random blogs that don’t get updated on a regular basis. Or worse, abandoned blogs that will never see the light of day.

7 thoughts on “Give props to smaller blogs

  1. Allyn Paul

    Yep, I agree totally. (I’m a small blog who has linked in with you on occasion)
    I have also been able to get in good with some of the small and medium-sized bloggers thru Entrecard and not only do we exchange traffic, we have become “friends” thru our blogs.

  2. menopauseprincess

    I also agree, and I’m also a small blog. I have appreciated every link I’ve gotten and have some dear blogging buddies. It is very much about building relationships IMHO.

  3. the noob Post author

    allyn paul- it’s cause you’re a cool guy allyn. very affable. if i have to pick a fault in you…i would have to say your addiction to american idol…that’s a problem yo.

    menopauseprincess- couldn’t agree with you more princess.

    earnextrapocketmoney- yup yup. you guys are all awesome.

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