Give your blog some personality

sienna miller and keira knightley make money onlineI think the biggest problems that noobie bloggers have is that they write boring content. Newb Bloggers try to pretend like they are expert bloggers. I think they were fed a lot of bogus by other newb bloggers who were trying to act like they were pro bloggers. People don’t want to read instruction manuals. Do you see a lot of instruction manuals at the supermarket checkout stand? Look at the magazines that are showcased. They are all celebrity gossip or fashion related. Or, they are news related. But even news related stuff has to have a little personality. Be raw with your blog. Talk tough and be very opinionated. Be uncensored. I won’t read your blog unless you make me feel something. Good or bad, i want to feel something when i’m reading. Make money online by giving your blog some pizzas and personality.

Don’t be scared to turn people off with your blog. If you try to please everyone, you’re blog will end up being “just another wordpress blog.” Be funny and agressive. Make outlandish statements and back it up with something thought provoking. Maybe not thought provoking, back it up with some celebrity pictures or a joke. The key is to be entertaining. Most blogger are not very good at writing. (myself included) It doesn’t matter! Just write often and to the point. Swing right or left. (karate yes, karate no, karate maybe so, QUISH! squash like grape…that is not mine, that is miyagi) Don’t just linger in the middle. When you do this, you will anger some people. That’s when you know you’re doing something right. Don’t be an ass though. When you have made a mistake, be quick to take it back. Support your arguments with examples and always be entertaining.

Blogs get read when you write something interesting. Write attention grabbing titles and paste a flashy image in front of your post. Then, engage the reader in the first few sentences. Even make money online blogs have to be entertaining. If it’s not, the blog will slowly die into oblivion. Noob is out!

9 thoughts on “Give your blog some personality

  1. Rob

    Yet another nice tip, bloggernoob. Man… I’m looking forward to when I get some PR and important stuff like that so I can sign up somewhere for writing paid plugs. Seems like I’m constantly getting declined cuz my blog isn’t old enough. I’m definitely a noob, but not by my own will!

  2. Anthony

    Amen. People – stop tying to reshape your opinion so that it’s likeable. It just creates a world full of f**kin sheep. You know what, i like your blog because your raw, it’s the first thing i noticed about it. You clearly don’t give much of a f&&k. Who are those chicks up there in the pic? Looks like one of them just farted

  3. the noob Post author

    rob- thanks. I think you can still do paid pluggin without PR. I was able to before i had any pr on this blog. but u do tend to get more offers when ur site has aged a bit. got more links and more content and traffic, etc

    anthony- yup yup. those chicks up there are sienna miller and keira knightley. brits! i love british actresses!

  4. wendy

    Not sure how much personality to add LOL

    Or how much I should reveal of my sordid side Ok perhaps I mean wit.

    Why is it you always make me put on my thinking cap. Grrr….

    Just kidding Noob thanks

  5. the noob Post author

    detoxy- they’re not too shabby looking either. double wammy!

    jeflin- the news is news. every major newspaper write about the same associated press or reuters stories. It’s how you spin it that makes your content unique. It’s the opinion pieces that get more often.

    wendy- wendy, u wrote four lines, but i can already sense your personality. did u just grr at me?

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