Giving away my Commission Check!

commissionjunctioncheck.jpgI received a commission check from commission junction about a month ago. I was in Los Angeles so i wasn’t able to open it up until i got back to Chicago last week. I was about to take it to the bank today, but i thought up a super idea. Why not offer up it to a hard working blogger. Genius! So i’ve created a little blogging competition.

I will offer up over $500 in cash and prizes. There is also a secret element and the prize pool could be worth way more. My CJ check is for $304.39. That will be the first place prize. I will also give out a nice samsung mp3 player as the second prize. Third place will earn you 20 bucks. I’m not sure how many people will take me up on this offer but i think it might get some attention cause the prize pool is rather large. Everyone who enters will win something. I will buy everyone who enters this competition a dot info domain. That’s right, EVERYONE! All i ask is that you work on a blog at least once a week.

Here is the competition. I have set aside some my hosting space just for this competition. I have a lot of 4, 5, and 6 letter domains that are just parked doing nothing. I wanted to use these domains for the competition. Each entrant will be put in charge of a domain, and they will have 2 months to grow the blog. The blogger with the most growth will win. I will base the growth on a number of factors. I will post more detail of this project in a later post. If you would be interested in being a contestant, drop me a comment and i’ll put you on the list.

31 thoughts on “Giving away my Commission Check!

  1. tom

    sheesh Noob…this is starting to look like the Price is Right. I’m not sure but I’m pretty sure I gotta get in this one. I’ll say up front though, I’ll exchange any winnings for ad space here or wherever. I won’t probably win anyways, but I’m not interested in the money…just the game…Peace…….T

  2. Majik

    Sounds like an interesting contest. I have enough trouble building my own blog nevermind one just for a contest. Definitely a welcomed change from all of the recent Entrecard contests! Good luck to everyone who enters!

  3. the noob Post author

    phil- awesome. and namaste to you too. i’ll post the details either tomorrow or the next day.

    wozog- nice. i like the confidence.

    tom- i love price is right! nice nice. shoot, if you mean it, i might have to give you some free ad space tom. i like your attitude, do something for the fun of it. for the love of the game. rare to see nowadays. :)

    jaredstenzel- it will be judged on traffic, user interaction, rss subscriptions, and other stats. i haven’t gotten down all the logistics yet. stay tuned for the detail post.

    chica- haha yeah. chica, i recommend you enter this one. just to get used to being on your own hosting and domain. it’ll help you with wordpress themes! :)

    noelschlachter- nice! wow. if you can repeat those number for this competition, you’re sure to place in the prize pool. :)

    b3dboy- cool cool. or cul

    chris- thanks chris, i’m always trying to spice up this blog. how fun! been getting some attention with my latest two competitions.

    exinco- i won’t actually send you the check. i’ll send you the dollar amount via paypal. so you should enter. :)

    majik- haha. understood. yeah, agree about the recent entrecard contests. i’m doing a little entrecard challenge for myself, but i never give out ec credits. i try to give out cash or cool electronics.

  4. the noob Post author

    seedsforwealth- haha. u like? thanks seeds. you flatter me. hopefully this will turn out fun and educational. cause that’s important. education.

  5. Jared Stenzel

    My bad, I also forgot to say, what happens to any of our original content that is written on these sites after the two month period? Is any content on this site yours, or can we take our content down?

  6. the noob Post author

    jaredstenzel- i think i’ll start this either tomorrow or the day after. stay tuned. the content that you work on for 2 months will remain on the blog. I wanted to see the growth process of each blog. See how different people work it. I will give each entrant links to their blog on the blog they worked on, but the content and site will come back to me. I will also buy each entrant a dot info domain. The top three winner will get the bigger prizes. Still working out the details and this could change by the time i post the start of the competition.

  7. ettarose

    A couple three things. I am interested because typing in this loonngg name is a bitch, If I have a domain then I can enter the other contest, I love the interaction between everyone and of course like one of my nicknames says,I am
    1brkbtch LOL

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  9. Jared Stenzel

    So is this still planning to happen? I’ll give it a go depending upon when this actually happens. It may interfere with my blogs launch with may lead me to opt out.

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