Go Get IT attitude makes you money online

attitude.jpgIf you want to make money online, you need to get yourself a “go get it” attitude. If your trying to make money online you have to go out and make money. You can’t expect to slap on adsense and make a ton of passive income. I think this is why most new make money blogger fail to make any money with their blog.

If you want to make money online, you have to go out and market your product or service. Nobody is going to pay you hard earned cash by just visiting your blog. You have to market if you want to sell. Even the ipod doesn’t sell itself. You think it does cause everybody wants and ipod, but think about why we all want ipods. It’s cause we see that those sexy ads on TV, magazines and blogs, etc. I recently opened up my advertise page but it wasn’t performing as well as i expected. I only sold about 3 ads and two of them were requested before i put that page up. So I only sold 1 ad space after i posted my ad page. I have gone to sell more ads recently because i started marketing it. I marketed them on various web forums and by emailing potential bloggers. If i don’t go out and get advertiser for my private ads, i’m sure my blog would have a lot of empty(dead) adspace. Nobody is going to hand you money. You have to go and take it. If want to write a $5 post, hit up the forums to get someone to pay you five bucks for a post. If you want to sell a $5 125×125 ad block. Email other bloggers who might be interested in advertising on you blog.