Go green with zinio

zinio.jpgSome of you may not know what zinio is. Let the Noob enlighten you. Zinio has magazines for you to download to you computer. You get high quality magazines in pdf type format. This is perfect for taking on business trips. You don’t have to stack and throw away all that paper. I’m an avid magazine reader. I have a lot of trade magazines, real estate magazines, and business magazines cluttered all over my desk. I have magazines i read for entertainment as well….cough(playboy) like Wired and Entertainment weekly. What do do with all of that paper? That can’t be good for the environment right? The production and waste management of these papered stacks is hurting our earth people. And plus, it’s hard to search for and find articles you want to read over again. Zinio could be a solution to all of this.

The price is the same as discounted subscription prices. That means you save hundred on the news stand price. If you’re rich, you could pay per magazine at regular price.

They have a variety of different magazines to meet the tastes of different paper. Like i mentioned before, they have Playboy for the naughty guys…and Playgirl for the naughtier guys. Check them out here. I’m not being paid for this post. Just thought i’d put some Al Gore up in here.

One thought on “Go green with zinio

  1. blue234

    This is interesting and worth checking out. However, you stated that Playboy was for the “naughty guys” and Playgirl was also for the “naughtier guys”. I can understand gay guys being interested in Playgirl, but shouldn’t it really be for the naughty girls.

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