Google adsense tells me that you’re lazy

no_tshirts-795480.jpgSeems like 99.99% of blogs have google adsense splattered somewhere on the page. It works for some but for others, it’s a waste of valuable ad space. If you have a make money online blog, adsense is wrong for you. Cause you have to think about the demographic of your visitors. Most of the people who come to your site already have sites up. They are at your site to see if they can learn something from you. They know what internet ads look like and they definitely know what google adsense ads looks like. Meaning that you won’t get any clicks. Why make a nickel off of google per month when you can potential make a $100 per signup with an affiliate ad.

Adsense is easy. Just copy and paste the code and you’re done. Never have to worry about it again. No more codes to change or rewrite. Obviously all bloggers are lazy, or at least 99.99% are. Its hard to get the affiliate code and place them on applicable posts and texts. I know it is cause i spend a lot of time on it. But you know what…it works. It works because other people who visit your site are lazy too. They won’t click on the adsense ad but they might click on well placed text ad for a product or service in your post.

I’ve noticed that the majority of small blogs find it difficult to monetize their blog. I read the rants and scrol down to see what type of ads they have. What else….Google Adsense.

One thought on “Google adsense tells me that you’re lazy

  1. CJ David

    interesting thought there. i see some other non-adsense ads here in your blog. would you mind giving us pointers to those “better” ads. it’s not that im lazy ;-), it’s just that a recommedation from you would be great.

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