Google is helping me make money blogging

makemoneyblog.jpgNot all traffic is created equal. Every blogger wants traffic, but you have to understand the hits that matter most. Direct hits demonstrate your reach within the blogging community. Hits from blog networking sites are cool cause they might get you some new friends or readers. But the hits that will help you make money online, are the ones sent by google. Below, i’ll show you screen shots of how google is helping me make money blogging. Click on the thumbnail image to see the full screen shot.

SEO is thrown around on the web like it’s something sacred. Dorks talk about it like it’s something right out of the holy book. They even try to charge you money for their secrets. I honestly don’t believe in most of these stuff. There is no secret forumula. It’s a matter of understanding some of the basics of how a google bot reads your site.

I never claimed to be a SEO expert. I don’t consider myself even average. I’m just a below average noob when it comes to this stuff. But, i work hard at getting my blog to one of the top spots for google search. I work hard and i sponge up free information on the web. And, i get my blog to hit some nice search terms.

After a couple of months, I started to understand the importance of search visibility. That’s when i focused my attention on working my search terms. Back then, i had a goal of getting my blog on the front page for search term, “make money blog.” I achieved that goal, and i kept on pushing. “Make money blog” wasn’t that hard to work. It’s not that popular of a search term. People don’t type that into the search engines that often. My blog is still on the front page. It usually places #2 on google. Sometimes, problogger drops me down to the #4 spot.

makemoneyblogging1.jpgAfter i got a taste of the sweet google juice, i wanted more. I wanted to focus on a more popular term. I set out to get on the front page for “make money blogging.”

makemoneybyblogging.jpgNow that i’m gaining a better understanding, i’ll hit words like “make money by blogging,” “make money from blogging,” and the coveted “make money online.”

makemoneyfromblogging.jpgBloggernoob is on the front page of all of those search terms, except “make money online.” The noob’s blog is in the 130s. The 13th page ain’t bad. You better believe that i’ll crack the top 30 in a couple of months.

makemoneyonline.jpgI can’t reveal my secrets to you cause i don’t have any secrets. But if you really must know…… best be visiting my blog again. Cause this post is getting way too long. I’ll cover my pseudo-secrets in a future post.

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