Google is not that smart

roselyn sanchez makes money onlineMost of the stuff you find on the internet is just garbage. You browse some of the more popular sites, and just see filth. There is too much random information floating about in cyber space. The volume is too much even for the search engines. Most people (webmaster included) trust google for searching out the info we need. But the truth of the matter is that you don’t get it. Even google can’t filter out all the garbage. How do i know? Cause a garbage blog like mine can end up on the first few pages of key search terms. Bloggernoob dot com appears on the the first page for search term “make money blog.” And i’ve been working it so that it shows up on the 5th page for the highly competitive “make money online.” How is that possible?

It’s possible because there is too much junk on the net. Too many blogs that are useless. When i first started out blogging, i was too intimidated to work on my SEO. Actually, back then, i didn’t know what SEO meant. I had to google it. Anyway, i couldn’t imagine ever showing up for anything other then “bloggernoob.” But i saw a few blogs going up in the ranks of google. I saw a teenage boy and a blogspot blog hit 1st and 2nd on google for “make money online“. That gave me the drive and confidence to give it a go. I figured that if these no name bloggers could do it, then i could too.

I want you guys to feel the same way. Google is not God. Not yet anyway. If you seriously want to grow your blog, you have to work the search engines. Plain and simple. And out of all the search engines, google is king. But don’t be intimidated. It’s actually pretty simple. All you have to do is be consistent and build some strategic links. You include your search terms in your posts and image descriptions. Give yourself links and in time, you should start seeing your site up on google.

All those SEO sites are garbage. Seriously, those guys are borderline scammers. The make money because most webmasters don’t realize how easy it is to SEO. And seriously, they don’t know any secrets. I bet that i know about it then most of these so called experts.

Sorry guys, i wrote this post just to write a post. Some of my regular readers will catch me on this. I did it to get paid on the post right before this one. I’m such a sell out, i know. I feel bad. Noob out!

9 thoughts on “Google is not that smart

  1. Jared Stenzel

    It’s ok noob, we might be willing to forgive you this time. Google isn’t ALL stupid. I just checked out a book about Google Rankings. I flipped it open expecting some strategies or something to be in there. What did I see, 300 pages of complex x’s y’s z’s, in fact every letter in the alphabet was probably a variable on just one page of it… Should be a fun read :) somebody checked out the PHP book I was going to renew :\

  2. bloggernoob

    jared- if i make it to the front page of google for “make money online” that’ll either mean that google is stupid, or i’m awesome. Trust me, i’ll make it to the front page!

  3. Jared Stenzel

    You work pretty hard though on that keyword. It’s not really the quality you’re right. It’s determined on factors that a bot can take into account. IE keyword density, backlinks, page rank, and an assortment of other goods. The bot can’t however determine the articles quality, accurateness, or usefulness.

  4. the noob Post author

    jared- yup yup. me is hard worker. that’s my point. quality doesn’t get you on google. look at the current leaders of “make money online”

    blogmethemoney- thanks. oh u know it! 😉

    desmond- God? didn’t we kill god? that’s not me, that’s Nietzsche

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