Gotta fail to make money online

lohanI’ve made a lot of mistakes online. And i can tell you right now, i will make plenty more in the future. I like to stay positive. I don’t consider my mistakes or failures to be all bad. I think failing at something is the best way to learn. It’s the best way to get stronger. Of course, it’s also easy to quit after you fail.

Years and years ago, i bought several domains because i wanted to get into the internet craze. I fell for so many different types of scams, it’s not even funny. I think i ended up throwing away close to $5,000. This was when i still a student at university. That’s a lot of money for a student. Back then, i wanted to start a poker site. Because i was young, i didn’t consider the scope of the site. I thought it wouldn’t be that difficult. After that experience, i decided to not invest in the internet.

I got back into it because one of a conversation i had with a real estate investor. I started getting all of these ideas for a real estate development website. I talked to a few programmers and realized that it could be started for the budget i was thinking. (the budget i had in mind was $10,000-$20,000) In the meantime, i wanted to dabble with a site of my own. i wanted to start a simple site. That’s why i got into blogging. In my research, i read that blogs were the simplest forms of websites. After you set up a blog, all you have to do is type away. That appealed to me cause i’m not very tech savvy.

I started reading more and testing things out on the shared server i paid for. I think i still have a lot of subdomains that are just cluttered because of my trial and error phase. But the cool thing was that i started to learn. I started figuring out things on my own. I began understand what certain types of code meant. I became versed in the webmaster lingo. I was starting to understand what the heck people were talking about on web master forums.

I became addicted. I wanted to learn more and more. I wanted to improve the look of the site. i wanted things to load faster. I wanted people to visit. I installed wordpress and uninstalled so many times before i really started blogging. I would write a few posts, and then mess some of the code up on my blog. Then, i didn’t know how to undo the damage, so i simply deleted everything. I was such a noob. I wasn’t even thinking about monetizing this blog. I just wanted to blog about random shit. I wanted to chew the fat with myself. And if i was lucky, maybe a few people would read what i wrote.

That’s why i picked the name bloggernoob. It didn’t start off as a make money online blog. I changed direction because i wanted an incentive to blog. I’m a betting man. I love to gamble you see. If i don’t have a bet going on a game, i lose interest quick. So i had to bet on this blog. I had to force myself to make a few dimes to continue this mini project. So far so good.

Because of bloggernoob, i feel confident with my web skills. I feel that i can learn pretty much anything online. When you start messing things up on your blog, don’t lose hope. Believe me, you’re making progress. The answers will come to you at a later time. You’ll probably only get the answers after you stumble a bit.

Making money with you blog can be pretty fun. I remember the first time i got paid for a post. I couldn’t believe it. I didn’t trust it. I thought it was another scam. I thought that i wasn’t going to get paid. But then i started receiving payment via paypal. And then i got a check from an affiliate site. It was pretty awesome. I wanted to keep doing it. I wanted to improve. I wanted to increase traffic. I wanted to see more comments on my blog. I think i still have some doubt. I still doubt certain programs. I’m getting better at spotting scam like programs. I know that i’ll waste a lot of time and energy figure out these things, but i don’t mind. I’m getting paid while i learn here. And each blogging day, i know that i’m becoming a better blogger. And each day, i know that i will make at least a few bucks with this blog. Thats why i continue to fail, yet i continue to blog.

5 thoughts on “Gotta fail to make money online

  1. gerri

    we all stumble and fall now and then. it is those who pick themselves up, move on and try harder or try something else who make it.
    you seem to be one of those people.
    to your success.

  2. Dusty

    If you like mistakes, you should take a look at my investment portfolio so far this year. Horrible, just plain horrible!

    I will admit that I have learned a tremendous amount from these mistakes. Most of them I will never repeat.

  3. earn money online

    yea earn money online isn’t the easiest, mistakes after mistakes. i haven’t made a profit so far however there is many ways to try out to make money online and i will try out until i find the magic window that will make me earn money of my dreams! hehe. well if you don’t give up and really try i think soon or later you make success

  4. the noob Post author

    gerri- thanks. hopefully i can keep failing. that means im learning and improving

    grademoney- yup, only way to learn.

    dusty- trust me i know mistakes. I have losses up the arse. real estate losses, businesses losses, gambling losses

    earn money online- yup, most important thing is to not give up. you’ll start showing profits. in the beginning, i suggest you don’t spend. That way, you won’t have losses either.

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