Gotta grind it out

doit.jpgThe Noob is a poker player. The game of life and the game of business is just like the game of poker. You have to be good but alot of times its just luck. Noted, you have to play to win. I think this analogy works with internet business. Whether you have a blog or a forum or an ecommerce site, its all about the big grind. keep dishing out the good product or writing great reviews. write things that are useful and interesting. being funny is a bonus but obviously some people were just born unfunny. but the moral of the story is, don’t put off things. if you have an idea for an article, write it now and edit it later. don’t get so structured that it prevents you from doing. i remember when i started this blog how lazy i was. i had all these ideas but never put it to us. they were just scratched onto my do it list and most of the time i never looked at the do it list after i wrote on it. don’t write to do list, just do. if you’re going to submit to forums do it. you gonna register affiliate sites do it. its a brick by brick process. like building a house it take time. i think people look at success on the internet as being explosions. very few people/companies blow up like Google or Facebook. most websites are small and barely make 1 dollar a day. but a dollar a day is good and it can be worked on to make 10 dollars a day and etc. and its all about the numbers. everything is a numbers game. sales people need to be on the phones or hit the streets to meet alot of peoples. X number of calls or meetings equals Y number of sales. its as simple as that. Blogging is the same. you have a website that makes 1 dollar a day. great. grow that and make another website that makes 1 dollar a day. Its only hard and time consuming to figure out what type of site and how it’s going to function and look in the beginning. after that its pretty much automated. meaning you’ll probably spend less then 30 mins per site.