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sellout.jpgI believe that the best way to learn something is via experiments. I’m all for scientific analysis. I’m for control groups and test settings. I’ve always wanted to do a really cool experiment with my blog. The experiment i want to set up requires some cash, so i’ll hold off until i make a few more bucks with this blog. What i want to do is send johnchow, shoemoney, and problogger an email. In the email, i will ask for a review of my blog. This will require over a thousand dollars so i probably will have to wait a year to do this. I know it’s a waste of money but hear me out. In the said email, i will write the following,

“Dear john, shoe, or pro, i’m a new make money blogger and i wanted to request a review of my blog. I’m not a fan of your blog, nor do i think it’s worth the money i plan on spending to advertise on your blog, but i would like to pay for a post on your crappy blog. I think you scam people of their hard earned money. I am willing to pay $450 for you to write a post about how shitty your blog is. I want you to write the post or the deal is off. I don’t want one of your guest bloggers to write this post. Give me your paypal email and i will send you the payment ASAP.”

I’ve kinda insulted them. I want to know how many of them would write the review. I personally don’t think they will take the bait, but who knows. What do you guys think?

On a side note, the rookie blogger is back. He has a recent post where he is conduction a similar experiment with A-list bloggers. He wrote them emails to see how many of them would offer assistance. You should check out the comments posted if you want to see some blogging drama. Very cool idea for a post and very entertaining comments.

6 thoughts on “Blog experiments

  1. Juha Ylitalo

    Problogger will turn you down, because Darren Rowse is no longer doing side reviews by himself.
    Nowdays does case studies and the way it works is following:
    – people apply for ProBlogger Community Blog Consulting Project
    – Skellie will start project by sending invitation for comments in blog
    – Skellie will summarize peoples comments in second post and someone among commentators will win iPod shuffle or something similar.

    I tried to find out Skellie’s last name, but all I found was email address and bunch of URLs in

  2. JustChris

    I personally would never consider A-list bloggers, even if I had a rising star status like yours. However yours involves money so it could be different. Most A-list blogs are run by many people and my e-mail becomes noise in their daily banter.

  3. Chica

    You’d be better off burning that money in a fireplace! I realllly loathe people that think they are bigger then everyone else, and I don’t even have to mentions names. 😉

  4. the noob Post author

    majik- yeah they probably ignore it. they would think im not serious about the offer. but if they believed that i was serious, u think they would take the money? they might.

    juha- ahh. it makes sense now. i’ve been seeing a lot of guest posts on problogger. i don’t go there much so i don’t know the details. but iguess it’s just a corporate blog now. very boring.

    justchris- yeah, if my blog became a superblog, i would be fored to hire bloggers to help maintain it. i guess it’s just a natural progression.

    chica- money if fireplace is bad for the environment chica- haven’t you seen inconvenient truth?

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