Great wordpress theme

cowtheme.jpgThe cow is selling his original theme for 39 bucks. Can’t beat that price. You’re getting a very cool web 2.0 theme on the cheap. 39 bucks gets you the theme with two footer links that you cannot remove. If you want you can pay 59 bucks to hack the theme any way you please. If you are a complete noob, you might want to consider the 79 dollar version where he’ll customize the header for you.

Way to go cow. Seriously is a great theme for any blog. Nice MS windows strategy with the price bump on different versions. basic, pro, ultimate. I’d say lower the 59 dollar version to around 45 and maybe i would consider buying one.

One thought on “Great wordpress theme

  1. elizabeth

    Hey, The theme which you are using on ur website is very good. Planning on using this on one of my blog. Also i have bookmarked your site.Will come back again

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