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This is a guest post by Taylor from Video Blogging Tips. Recently I have been discussing a load of different ways you can literally increase your traffic via Social Networking. I don’t know if you guys saw the post over at my site Video Blogging Tips,

but it goes over how you can increase your traffic through

* Forums
* Yahoo Answers
* Ezine Articles
* Social Bookmarking
* and Youtube.

My friend and I have been experimenting with this constantly and we’ve found that with Yahoo Answers alone, we’ve both increased our traffic by 200, 300, and sometimes even 400+ unique views a day. From my understanding my boy Blogger Noob is all about making money online. With that being said, Yahoo Answers is a Blogger’s gold mine for free traffic and cash.

Simply go to and get an account. Look for the questions related to your niche and then simply answer some questions with links back to your site. The more demand for your topic, the more traffic you will receive.

Give it a try for yourself. You’ll definitely see an increase in traffic and you’ll definitely begin to make more money online!

5 thoughts on “Guest post by videobloggingtips

  1. Vidit

    This is 100% accurate. I too tried this on a social networking site and I got 200+ uniques a day. But, I don’t know that I can do the same on Yahoo answers. Its really a great idea.
    And I think Yahoo Answers is better than social Networking sites. Another benefit is I’m already at Level 2 on Yahoo answers. 😛

  2. Kenya Suleski

    Hi everyone, – uncovered your web-site by pure luck when wandering across the internet this evening, and happy that I did! I like the design and style and tones, but I have to mention that I’m having trouble when it loads. I’m using Lynx 2.6 browser for mac, and the menu will not align properly. i am fairly certain applied the exact same design on a customer’s site, but the menu seems alright on mine. I suspect the fault is with my outdated browser and just maybe it’s time to change!

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