He almost made $500 in 5 days

mmf.jpgI would say that around 95 percent of blogs about making money online are just flat out lame. BloggerNoob dot com is not included in the 5% yet but in time the noob will make it a useful site. Im still learning here. I’ve been preaching about how blogging for dollars requires work that is labor intensive. You’re probably not going to break a sweat but your ass and wrist will hurt from sitting around and typing for hours on end. This guy at Make Money Fast did a challenge about a month ago and almost made it. I think it was a great challege he commited to and im sure the next time he atempts it he will make it. How did he do it? Sheer will power. He went into the forums to offer services. He posted via pay sites like PPP and Smorty. Great job guy.

One thought on “He almost made $500 in 5 days

  1. rob stgeorge

    Hey thanks for the mention – glad you found the challenge of interest. I certainly enjoyed giving it a crack and although I did not quite make the $500 got pretty close and learned a lot in the process.

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