Head On and the power of repetition

headon.jpgHead on! Apply directly to forehead. Headache? Head on! Apply directly to forehead. Where? Head on! Apply directly to forehead. This is very annoying right? It’s like Rainman in the car, “92.6 Bamn, the future of rock and roll” over and over again. That’s what turned Tom Cruise into a ‘jump on couch’ monster. A few minutes of that will make you yell at Matt Lauer on Morning TV for not knowing the history of psychology.

My point is, repetition works. It’s like brain washing. It’s like those annoying songs that get stuck in your head. (who let the dogs out, any nsync song, etc)

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3 thoughts on “Head On and the power of repetition

  1. Andy

    I saw that commercial over and over and not once do they say what it is for. All they say is apply directly to the forehead. I am in advertising and after about 10 times it was bugging me so bad that I had to go online to find out exactly what it did. Evidently it is for headaches but they had to stop saying that because it was clinically proven not to reduce the severity or frequency of headaches. I guess my point is, it prompted me to action. I don’t know if it was the irritating repetition of the lines, the frequency of the commercial itself or the fact it didn’t say what it did. Could be a combination of all 3.

  2. Get More Traffic

    The power of repetition works! It’s how propaganda works, and it’s how you change the mind of America. How many times did you here the “war on terror” before you felt like maybe there are bad guys out there and you should do something about it?

    If buddy would have rather said, “Americans are always saving money” well then maybe they would believe enough to start saving money. Nope, instead they got fear and debt. lol.

  3. the noob Post author

    andy-yup it worked. i think as long as you can create some sort of reaction…the ad works.

    getmoretraffic-yup. that’s how brain washing works. and subliminal messages.

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