help your friend and make $100

make money online by helping out friends like jessica albaThere is an easy way to make $100 dollars. If you have been running a blog for some time, you probably think that setting up a blog is easy. But, think about when you first started. Remember how hard it was to even find the DNS? Remember when you didn’t know how to install a new theme? Back in the day, i didn’t even know how to link to another page on the web. I was a complete noob. You can make money online by helping out other noobs. Specifically, help out your friends and make $100 in commission.

More and more of my friends are hitting me up about my blog. I was actually kind of embarrassed about this blog when i started. I thought it was scammy and dorky. But now, i don’t give a shit. If a friend asks you about your blog, be there to help them. Tell them how much fun it is. Tell them that you bought your new ipod with the money you made with you silly little blog. They will want to get started. And, if you help them get started, you will make a nice $100 web hosting commission for yourself. I’ve done this a lot of time. I probably made close to $2000 off of my friends. I set up blogs for a lot of them. Only took me 20 mins a piece. It helps them as well. If you don’t guide them, it’ll take two weeks to get their blog up. Noob out!

23 thoughts on “help your friend and make $100

  1. Allyn

    YOur post frequency is slowing man!
    I helped a couple friends get started blogging, made my $100 and set them up, and a week later, they forget about it and decided blogging “wasn’t their thing.” So then I go in and “buy” back their hosting from them for $40 and start 40 more sites! How’s that for a deal? LOL

  2. Freebies

    Come on, to set up a blog takes more than 2 hrs. You have to download and upload the plugins and themes. Put a statcounter, put ads, activate the plugin.

  3. Chelle

    With practice you can set one up in less than 20 minutes :) You learn to put all your themes and plug-ins in the wordpress install folder and keep a text file of all of your stat counters, feedburner addresses, and adsense codes :) The longest part is waiting for the domain and mysql database :) (I’m still waiting for someone’s domain to transfer – its been 3 weeks since i agree to do the site!

  4. jj-momscashblog

    Hey Noob, Sorry I havn’t been over here in awhile and thought I’d drop by to read some of your posts that I might have missed. Great info, and good way to make a hundred bucks!

  5. Jared Stenzel

    Sounds simple enough. It’s a bit harder for me to do when my friends aren’t willing to spend money for hosting at this point. In a few years though I’ll be all over it.

    I’m back for a while hopefully.

  6. Zawadi aka Piggy

    Wish my friends were not so boring.
    I read a friends work ( he is a writer) convinced him to sell on Amazon and setup an account to publish his work to people who use Amazon Kindle.

    Wish I had a freakin Kindle!

  7. Jayden Fellze

    Great idea. But does it really take only 20 minutes to set up a blog? Cant believe!! How much should you be experienced in setting a blog in such a short time? If you know how to set up a blog within 20 minutes, why dont you please teach us so that we will follow suit? I am pretty serious about it.

  8. jj-momscashblog

    It doesn’t take that long to put up a blog the longest thing you have to wait for (and this is after you already have your blog up) is for adsense to email you back after you have a few post under your belt. I have a free blog tutorial on my blog and I have many people that tell me they put up a new blog in a couple of hours! Of course it might depend upon your expertise but if you are a techi with cp’s it can be done. Great idea Noob

  9. the noob Post author

    greg ellison- thanks. u should try it out. 😉

    allyn- tell me about it. been pretty busy with real estate. the market is crazy and it doesn’t look like its going to recover soon. my investors are all antsy. since it’s starting to get cold here in chicago, i think i’ll try to get more posts up. btw allyn, ur blog is looking nice. forest did a great job on your redesign.

    freebies- it can if you want all of the bells and whistles. but, to set up a basic blog with preselected themes/plugins, it really doesn’t take much more then 20 mins.

    chelle- yup yup. i guess u’ve set up a few blogs urself chelle. 😉

    toga- welcome. just call me noob. 😉

    jj- no worries. i’ve been pretty busy as well. thanks for stopping by.

    wess stewart- exactly!

    jared stenzel- just wait it out, you’ll get some nice commissions soon enough.

    keplenet- thanks

    marly- meaning, i help them get their blog up on the web. noobies don’t know how to connect the dots and cross the t when it comes to self hosted wordpress.

    zawadi- i read that amazon kindle is going to be the next big thing. not sure about that tho. my iphone works find with digital books and etc.

    katec- yup

    tony dee- sure. go ahead. post it up tony! 😉

    kranjcarz- no problems

    jayden fellze- for me it does. if i want to get down and dirty, it’ll take a bit longer, but the basics can be up and running in less then 20 mins. i’ll write a post about it soon enough. remind me. 😉

    jj- u again! yeah, waiting on the domain or new web hosting is the long part. or third party ads etc. but the basic setup of a blog is cake.

  10. Abang Long

    Nice post. The problem is most of my friends prefer FREE domain and hosting packages. What I’ve done so far are installing themes, plugins and widgets for their new blogs. That earned me not more than $5 per blog.

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