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hire.jpgWhat is a blog exactly? It’s just a bunch of text and pics and hyperlinks. That’s all it is. What makes a blog unique? It’s all about the readers. It’s not even the content. Blog readers are the ones that enable blog owners to make a few extra bucks. The readers are the ones who grow the blog. Why don’t bloggers focus more on their readers? Why don’t we pay our readers for ads? Why don’t we hire our readers to do site design or seo? Why are we only paying off johnchow?

I recently gave out free ads to my readers. I also announced that i want to advertise on blogs owned by my readers. I sometimes ask my readers questions or consult them for their opinion. I do this cause i’m really interested and i do it cause i want more reader involvement with this blog.

I want to extend other services for my readers. Bloggernoob dot com gets steady traffic so i know there are a lot of regular readers of this blog. And amongst these readers, i think there are a lot of talented individuals. Instead of outsourcing my services and money to random stranger, i was thinking maybe i should do it from with in. I should consult my readers. To start it off, i have some work that i want to pay for. Specifically, i want to pay one of my readers for a site redesign of bloggernoob dot com. I know some of you are good with CSS and PHP and HTML so i was thinking i should hire one of you to do a site redesign. I’ve bought a few unique wordpress themes from people on scriptlance and elance. I had them design a new one from stratch. I paid $80 for each theme. Instead of going to scriptlance or elance, i wanted to see if anyone of my readers wanted to redesign my blog for me. I’m willing to pay $80. It’s not a lot of money and if i get no takers on this, i’ll just hit up my coder on scriptlance. Just thought i’d run it by you guys first. If you’re interested please leave me a comment or email me with your work samples. Thanks!

16 thoughts on “Hire from within

  1. the noob Post author

    blogentrepreneur- u do? thanks. well if i change my mind, i can use the theme on another blog i run.

    chica- haha. i’ll have too many contests then. i already run quite a few contests.

    witchypoo- from the look of your ad, you’re good with illustrator, you can change up your colors easy!

    bryan- yup, it’s all about power to the people. sad that we rarely see this in real life.

    chica- sounds great actually. i really like your new theme. can you do wordpress themes? please let me know.

  2. the noob Post author

    alanj- can you do it? if you don’t know how and you learn later, hit me up later. i’ll offer these type of jobs up again in the near future. hopefully my blog can continue to grow so i can pay my readers for work.

  3. Chica

    My specialty is taking default themes and modifying them to a point of personalization and you can’t hardly recognize that it was once default. I can do wordpress if you have the option to change out the css, my wordpress account doesn’t let me do that, but that doesn’t mean I don’t know how either lol.

  4. bloggernoob

    chica- icic. i was looking for a unique theme built from scratch. but i guess a fully customized one isn’t bad. i also didn’t want any links on the footer and etc. i tell you what. if you can customize two from default themes for me. i’ll pay you 80 bucks. You don’t have to spend that much time on it. cause i don’t want you to work too hard for not a lot of money. i would like both to be three columns and have header image and widgetized footer. similar in structure to bloggernoob, but would like to look different. can you show me a few design concepts for screenshots of themes, etc. and i’ll make two selections and if you’ll take this job, u can start right away. i’ll send u 80 when it’s done. what do you say?

  5. the noob Post author

    chica- great, i got it. give me a couple of days and i’ll tell you the details. I think the best way would be to give you access one of my other blogs, and have you change the theme that way. and then i’ll just dl the theme ftp for use on bloggernoob, etc. anyway, thanks chica. :)

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