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friend.jpgI few days ago, i had a few friends over for dinner and some cocktails. The noob has a full bar in the noob cave and makes excellent drinks. Anyway, we talked and drank and played some Nintendo Wii. Before we knew it, we were all drunk and having a jolly good time bowling on the Wii. Towards the end of the night, everybody was either sleeping or resting to sober up. I was left alone with a friend of mine and we started talking about blogging. I told him about my blogs and how im making some nice change with them. He kinda laughed but i could tell he was interested. I brought out my laptop and showed in my income reports. I showed him my admin area of my affiliates and even showed him the money in my paypal account. He didn’t even know what paypal was. I could see in his eyes that he just made a discovery. He had discovered the internet. He wanted to start making money online.

Everybody knows the internet, but do they really know the internet. Do they know that they can make money online? Most do not. Most think of internet marketing as multi level marketing or e-commerce sites. They think that blogs are just hobbies and that it can’t possibly be monetized. They think only uber tech geeks can make money online. They are wrong. The night ended with me helping him set up his own blog. Only took like 30 mins and i helped him set up his first blog. I will continue coaching him and since he’s a buddy, i do it for free. But i did make money off of the hosting commission. It was a fun chat and i introduced him to the world of blogging and domain purchasing. I made myself around $120 bucks too. Not bad for a night of drinking and Wii playing. I think promoting blogging to your friends is a great way to introduce them to blogging. It will also make you some affiliate commissions. The important thing is to keep it casual and not come off like your trying to sell them some Amway or trying to convert them to Christianity. Show them your blog and your income report. They WILL get curious and they will ask you questions. Let them come to you, and before you know it, you’ll have made yourself a hundred bucks.

12 thoughts on “Hosting commission from a friend

  1. Forest Parks

    I try and tell some people, not in a saleman way but just letting them know what I do. Many people switch off when they come home from a days work and making money is the last thing on their mind. However I will keep persisting. I ma sure one or two will crack :)

  2. the noob Post author

    forest- yeah. i don’t think it’s a hard sell. don’t force the conversation. i just tell them i have a blog and how i get like 500 visitors every day. and then i tell them that i make a few bucks, and how fun it is. they usually get a twinkle in their eye when i tell them the money part. don’t try so hard tho. keep it casual

  3. the noob Post author

    jared- i’ll totally coach you. i’m usually online around 6pm chicago time. hit me up on google chat. my email is

    i try to keep mine and my friends blogs separate. i do it to obtain traffic info that isn’t altered with help for this blog. i might show the links later when those blogs have gain some traction. hope you understand. thanks

  4. Allyn Paul

    Noob, you rock man!
    This is like a whole new marketing tactic. We can hire guys and gals to go door to door selling hosting packages and blog setups.
    Huge money! LOL
    On a serious note: pretty much everyone I know is NOT blog savvy. They have no clue what a blog is even though they read them daily. (Huffington Post comes to mind)
    I still think we are all on the ground floor here (with the blogging thing) and that’s a good place to be.
    Just think if you’d have been able to buy Starbucks stock on the first day it went public?
    I think we are in that same position here with blogging. But I’m a glass completely full kinda guy.

  5. killian

    hey! :)
    that’s pretty cool, I have friends that want to start blogs as well, can you tell which host paid you a $120 comission? I could make some $$ with that lol
    thanks in advance!

  6. Wendy

    Interesting. Now you have peeked my interest too but you darn well that would happen. Right?

    I too am eager to be coached and learn from friends. Course you will have to be patient with me. Takes a bit to absorb things. LOL

    Curious as to how you are making money.

    Unfortunately none of my friends ore interested in what I do online.

    Good show my man. Keep on keeping on

  7. kmcgra

    I too, once mentioned to a friend that I set up a site. It mostly involves my hobby of cooking. I am not even trying to make money with it! Yet it does make some…

    He was amazed that I would put money down for a domain, and also that the site was paying for itself and then some…

  8. the noob Post author

    allyn- haha. thanks allyn. i’ve always been a believer in marketing web stuff off line. i think a lot of people are not aware of the potential of the web. i think they know that a lot of websites are making money, but they don’t think it’s possible for them. a lot of people say that the barrier for entry into blogging is low. but sometimes i disagree, cause most people don’t even know that they can blog for money. how can they enter this market when they don’t even know of it’s existence.

    killian- most hosting commissions are 60-120 bucks a pop. i say join up with commission junction and look up the web hosting deals. any one of them will pay you at least 60 bucks. some will pay 120

    wendy- haha. thanks wendy. i really value your support. if your friends aren’t interested, you can’t force it on and you shouldn’t. if you force it, you’ll come on like a pyramid schemer. but if you show them a check you received from commission junction or something like that. they will get curious. look at shoemoney. that google check got me all curious when i was a noob.

    kmcgra- nice. rock on with your silverware. i wanted one of my friends to start a cooking blog. she loves to cook and she’s got the rachel ray thing going on so i think she could make her blog popular.

  9. Finnea

    Good alternative for extra pocket money. However, if our posts and articles in our own website are not getting attention from others, I wonder whether it will make any difference if we put it up in helium.

  10. the noob Post author

    finnea- i looked into helium and other sites like that and i have mixed feeling about it. Yes i think you can get some traffic if you write a great article for helium or squido, but why waste it on a site that you don’t own. I think it’s probably a better investment to put your hard worked articles on your own blog. Be patient and work at getting traffic. But that’s just my opinion. I’ve seen a few bloggers see a lot of traffic for submiting their posts to such sites. It’s up to you.

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