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rose mcgowan makes money onlineI’m a big believer of multiple sites. I think the internet is a game and the best players are the ones that keep playing. It’s like in poker, you gotta play hands to win. I started this blog thinking that i will make enough to buy some cool tech toys. I’ve made over $10,000 with this blog and this blog isn’t even 8 months old yet. So it’s safe to say that i’ve reached my goal. Now i have a new goal, i want to try to make full time income with my websites. I don’t think i can ever reach that with just one site. I could get lucky, but i’d rather hedge my bet with a lot of different site. From my experiences with bloggernoob and my other blogs, i think my new goal is totally possible. You just need to have a solid collection of revenue generating websites. Set up a lot of sites and you will make money online.

My site went down a few days ago. I don’t know if any of you noticed, but it was down for an hour or so. I quickly called my host and resolved the matter. During my 7 months of blogging, i experienced a few instances where my site was down. No matter how good your hosting provider is, you will experiences these moments. When it first happened to me, i was freaked out. I thought maybe i lost my site. I was such a noob. Now i take precautions. I make sure i back up my main sites every few days. Most hosting providers will back up your site automatically every week or month.

The down times got me thinking. Since i run multiple sites, i don’t want to host all of them with one provider. I use a lot of different web hosting providers. I don’t care much for my small sites, but i don’t want all of my main sites to go down simultaneously. You should keep that in mind when you set up your hosting. Most shared hosting providers allow multiple sites. I think you should take advantage of this, but be sure to spread out your main sites. Don’t host two or more of your main money making sites with one host. It’s probably best to host your main sites on a dedicated server, but since you’re a noob, you don’t have to worry about that now.

Web Hosting by AN Hosting

Web hosting doesn’t cost that much. You can find plans for under $10/month. So if you plan on growing around 4 main sites, get yourself 4 shared plans. It’ll only cost you $40/month. Or you can opt for a dedicated server for a little more. Trust me, you don’t want your money making sites to all go down at the same time. Noob out!

8 thoughts on “Hosting your collection of sites

  1. Jared Stenzel

    How do I back up my content daily with anhosting? Email or commenting here works.

    Just like poker, the more hands (blogs) you have the better, you could get lucky with that 2-7 unsuited :p

  2. jj

    Hey Noob, good income $10,000.00 and how many blogs do you manage?

    Also wanted to know if you want to put a wager on LA vs Celtics? One down, and looks good already tonight…..sorry to deflate your high!!! jj@momscashblog…

  3. the noob Post author

    jared- in cpanel, just look for an icon that says, backup

    jj- i manage more then 60 blogs, but most of them are not updated often. but the 10k is from bloggernoob. 😉

    what’s up with my lakers? i’m down two games, but i’ll take a bet. 😉 give me odds tho

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