Hot Female Bloggers Part 2

melissa theuriau makes money online and is a hot female bloggerHappy weekend everybody! I know that i wrote a post about the importance of working overtime, but sometimes it’s good to just chill. Weekend blogging is a great way to grow a new blog. But, that doesn’t mean that you have to make it boring. I write religiously on this blog. My Crappy little “make money online” blog is growing bigger and bigger. I don’t even know if what i write is any good. But, i continue to do it cause it pays for mini holidays and iphones. Anyway, i wanted to do something fun for this weekend post. I know that like 12 of you want me to write Part 3 of my “make $80 a day series.” But let’s leave that for Monday. I wrote a hot female blogger post a while back. It was fun and kind of popular with the search engines. So, i decided to write a sequel post about it. I use a lot of hot celeb photos to draw attention to my posts. But, honestly, we all know that we will never have a chance with these Hollywood gals. Why even bother dreaming about it. It might be better to be realistic and chase a regular girl. So i’ve put together a collection of hot blogging gals. These ladies seems real cool on their blogs, and they are all hot. The kicker is that you might have a 1% chance of dating one of them. They blog, so they might consider dating one of us dorks.

hot female blogger 1 and Sassy!

hot female blogger 2 Blonde

hot female blogger 4!

hot female blogger 3 Like a School Teacher

hot female blogger 7 the burgerking hat

hot female blogger 6 mommy

hot female blogger 5 homegirl type

hot female blogger 8 like fire. She’s the one in the middle.

hot female blogger 9 Asian

hot female blogger 10 miss hot

I am thinking about doing a hot female bloggers post every once in a while. If you think you’re a hot blogger, drop me an email. You’ll get a nice link on my blog, and probably get a lot of dork traffic to your blog. I might even get some prizes for my next one. Noob out!

29 thoughts on “Hot Female Bloggers Part 2

  1. Ingrid

    Thank you so much for the post, and for including me in it :)
    Just showed you some love on my blog, and linked a post to your post :)
    Be sure to check it out :)

    Take care..

  2. Anthony at

    Let’s see… I’m not sure I will click on that links. That will only tell the world what a dork I am… which of course, I indeed am 😀

    I could copy the URL’s and paste them on navigation bar, but I’m feel too lazy this weekend, so, what the heck! Maybe today we can call it “dork pride day” :) There I’m goooiiiinnnnggg!!!

  3. the noob Post author

    desmond- as do i. 😉

    ingrid- no worries. thanks for the link love ingrid and keep up the great work on you blog.

    anthony- haha. i wear my dork badge with pride. don’t be shy about being a dork. 😉

  4. Simple Mindz

    I might not be “hot” but I most definitely am a geek. lol.
    I notice whenever I write something about hot women, sex, relationships…etc I get a lot of traffic to my blog.

  5. the noob Post author

    simple mindz- i think ur a triple! you’re a hot, geeky, and naughty. what more can a man ask for? email me some of your naughty pics! 😉

  6. the noob Post author

    shawal- i will. 😉

    simple mindz- i mean it. and seriously, send me some of your naughty pics. 😉

    katrina- checked out your blog. nice. keep it up!

    cashmere- no worries. keep on doing what you do. 😉

    j- thank j. hope it brought u some clicks. 😉

    tata- next time. 😉

    eliot- i don’t understand.

    hugo santos- sup hugo. haven’t seen u for a while. thought u found another blog to read. 😉 yeah, there are a lot of cuties and hotties online. if i had more time, i’d set up a blog for hot bloggers. 😉

    dot com dud- yeah? could argue for both. 😉

    annette schwarz- warning, porn.

  7. the noob Post author

    simple mindz- im serious…

    better interpersonal communication. is she an actress in mainland china, taiwan, or hk?

    kahunaman- yeah

  8. sami

    Wow. Cool list.

    But why am I not there?!!

    I kid! Srsly. 😛

    Now I’m thinking of making a Hot Male Bloggers post in my blog. Maybe.

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