Hot male bloggers

Here are the nominees for hot male bloggers.

matute1.jpg1. matutes very latin and sexy…”how do you say…ahhh yes..the show”
harlowandtheboys.jpg2. harlowandtheboys
thegeekboys.jpg3. thegeekboys I didn’t know craig david started blogging
shoemoney.jpg4. shoemoney-have to admit that check is mighty sexy!
johnchowballs.jpg5. johnchow-now that’s sexy
antbag.jpg6. antbag
yaro.jpg7. yaro a sexier version of yanni
mike.jpg8. mikesmoney still rockin it that his age
9. requested removal
tylercruz.jpg10. tylercruz like the boy next door

4 thoughts on “Hot male bloggers

  1. Free Me

    Um.. that pic was from an ADVERTISEMENT on my site. It’s not me.

    And you’ve used it without permission anyhow.
    tsk tsk tsk… it does explain the “cute” review you gave me at BC. lol!

    My bad for having a badly placed ad block, but jeeze.

    Would you mind removing it? Thanks!

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