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naomi watts is a hot mommyI had a long conversation with a friend of mine from high school. She is a stay at home mom. And in my opinion, a bona fide hottie! I was talking to her about mommyhood and post marital sex and the topic of blogging came up. I told her about my little blog and she got really curious. She started asking me all these questions. From the conversation, i could tell that she was kinda bored at times. She used to be a graphic designer, but quit her job when she got pregnant. Her husband is a Dentist so she doesn’t have to worry about making money online. But i wanted to convince her to give it a try, because i believe hot mommy bloggers can make a lot of money online.

A lot of bloggers have been popping up in local news lately. I saw chow and problogger in youtube clips of the candian and australian news. These guys are major players in the make money online niche, but they are not the big money makers. I’ve seen segments on the Today show featuring mommy bloggers who make 6 to 7 figures online. I never even heard of these blogs until i saw the program. I got all riled up and even asked my wife for a baby. That’s not gonna happen.

Make money online blogs are pretty lame. The content is repeated over and over again on hundreds, maybe thousands of blogs. It’s the same info. The shit you read on bloggernoob dot com can be found on every lame ass blog out there. I at least try to make it a little entertaining. And, i try to be honest. Most of the other MMO blogs don’t even confess to their lameness. Now that’s lame!

Now, mommy blogs are different. Most mommy blogs just talk about their mommy lives. They chew the fat with other mommies who visit their blogs. But, if a mommy blog has a lot of traffic, you can monetize the hell out of it. Cause mommy blogs can quickly turn into a make money online blog. Mommies usually stay at home and take care of their off spring. They have a lot of time, and might be looking to make some extra cash via the net. That’s spells CASH in my book. If you set up a successful mommy blog, you will have visitors who are loyal and curious about making money online.

Let’s now talk about the hot factor in a mommy blog. If you want your blog to get a lot of traffic, you have to look to Hollywood. We watch movies with hot celebrities. You think “Pretty Woman” would have been successful if Cameron Manheim and Dennis Franz were the stars? No F in way! Sex sells and every body knows it. It’s the same with blogging. If you’re a hot mommy, you should advertise your hotness. You might even get male readers. Other mommies will eat up your beauty secrets. They will memorize your diet regiment and subscribe to your feed. See what i’m getting at? It makes sense that hot mommy bloggers make money online.

If any of my readers are hot mommies, and want to get into blogging, leave me a comment or email me at

7 thoughts on “Hot mommy bloggers make money online

  1. the noob Post author

    desmond- what kind of heat? you mean like the movie “heat”? great movie btw. dinero and pacino are awesome. and ashley judd is beautiful. don’t make movie stars like that anymore.

  2. Desmond -

    Haha…I’ve seen a blogger (Female) who got nothing and do not know anything about SEO or keywords density.

    But she’s a top blogger if my country because she flashes her cleavage all the time. =)

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