how do i make money online?

seriously. how is it done. my blog gets like two visits a day. one is from me using my neighbors unsecured wifi. and the other is my brother. i call him and tell him to keep punching into my website once a day. i also told him to click on my google adsense every chance he got…i wonder if thats one of the reasons why google booted me from the program. anyway. how is it done people. i know aff links. i know all these aff programs. but you need readers. how do i get readers then. i have to pay middle level bloggers? no way. i can’t afford the big bloggers either and i think that would be a waste. isn’t it a waster to advertise ur blog by paying hundred of dollars. i mean honestly, most of the bloggers are here and doing this to try to make money without using money. isn’t that the point of blogging.

do i have to do a contest. offer a 50 dollar coupon that gives you a review of your blog? how lame is that. how about this people. since im assuming if i ever get a reader other then my little brother….i will write about your blog and link to your blog if you are the first to comment on this blog post. easy as pie. im sure no one will post a comment…..its sad being a noob.

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