How Do I Submit My Website To The Search Engines?

You only need to submit to a search engine once. It doesn’t help to submit multiple times. Also it is not recommend to use a SEO expert. Most Seo experts are scams so in the beginning while you are a noob, it is wise to not spend any money on stuff like that.

What search engines and directories should I submit my site To?

GoogleThe greatest search engine on the internet, it is also the most popular according to Nielson polls.

Yahoo Second most popular, and probably the most famous of all search engines, this web portals controls the search results on,, and The third most popular search engine, Search is provided by Yahoo. See Yahoo.

AOL This search engine uses Google search results as its primary and paid listings. See Google.

AllTheWeb Purchased by Yahoo, See Yahoo

AltaVista Purchased by Yahoo, See Yahoo

AskJeeves Teoma serves this engine and also the sister site It is now

Major Internet Directory

DMOZ The Open Directory Project, owned by AOL, and operated by a team of volunteers, the Open Directory Project or ODP is the largest free Internet Directory. This is the place to be for a website on the Internet. It is the definitive directory, and is referenced by all of the major search engines. The only problem is that there are 3 million websites in the directory, and more than a million waiting to get in. Getting into this directory can take 3 – 6 months, and that’s if your lucky. Make sure to read their guidelines

Minor Directories A great free directory, the only catch is that they want you to become an editor. Which basically means that before you can submit a URL you will need to fill out an application. The bonus is that once you are accepted your link goes online immediately. Free directory with some interesting requirements. The index tries to use real language searches. Enter directory and subdirectory words Same deal as If you have the time to apply to become an editor, then you can list your site. Worth your time in my opinion, but its up to you. It will get you into the LookSmart directory for free. The catch is that your website has to be strictly informational and non-profit. Some exceptions are made, but in order to get in you will either need to know an editor and ask them to submit for you, or become and editor yourself like with GoGuides and JoeAnt, application is more difficult.