How i almost made $500 with my blog

cj111807.jpgCommission Junction has been my money maker. It’s been almost a month since i began my blog. When i started this i knew it was going to be hard. I’ve put in more hours then i originally estimated but it’s been a lot of fun and highly addictive. It’s been a pleasure getting up every morning to check my stats.

My Stats

Google PR – N/A
Alexa- 725147

alexa111807.jpg Considering that i was at a rank outside of the millions, im happy for my currend alexa rank. I think i have to work on getting more backlinks so that google can assign me a page rank. It wasn’t even a focus when i started but seeing my site grow forces me to reconsider.


Adbrite – $0.16

PayPerPost – $25.10

CJ – $468.75

Smorty – $6.00

Total – 494.07

adbrite111807.jpgGoogleAdsense and Adbrite don’t work well with blogs about blogging. Especially if the blog is a blog about making money online with a blog. The CJ commission i really had to work for. I did some offline marketing to people i know. I think making money online requires you to work offline as well. If you want to make money with your blog you have to really do some work. Be creative and figure out the way to monetize the site. I haven’t focused on DP as a revenue source but i will in the next coming month.

smorty111807.jpgWatertesting is important when it come to different advertisers. I still don’t know how networks pay so i am being cautious. I would have done more posting on Smorty and PPP but I want to wait until the first payments clear. Don’t want to find out that i won’t get paid for posts i write, rather focus on other things in my busy day.

ppp.jpgPayperpost is slow for me so i plan on waiting until i fully commit to them for income.

8 thoughts on “How i almost made $500 with my blog

  1. Sridhar Katakam

    I got my first payment from Smorty today. These guys are genuine and prompt. They wait for 5 days for the advertiser to review your paid post. If the advertiser doesn’t act, Smorty themselves review and issue the payment. I wish there are more lucrative offers though. Most of them are only $6.

  2. Rainnidae

    Your site is really useful for a new blogger like me. I am also spending alot of my time figuring out on blogging. So far i only made about $10. You are much more better than me.

  3. the noob Post author

    Rainnidae- Thanks for saying my site is helpful. Im still very new to this game but it’s encouraging to hear comments like yours. Look on the bright side, $10 covers your hosting bill. As your site grows you’ll start making more.

    Justchris- Yeah i have cj ads. I don’t place banners of them cause i’ve found that they don’t perform that way. I use direct marketing in individual posts or in my abouts/web hosting pages. Takes a lot of work but i think that’s the only way to make money with affiliate ads. It’s a harder sell.

  4. bloggernoob

    If you look in my my FAQ you’ll see that i set up the blog in July or so. Did nothing with it. Just left there with the default wordpress words and template. I started working on site in late Oct. I guess cause i had it up it counted. Lucked out.

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