How important is $5 to you?

5.jpgHow important is $5 to you? If this amount of money isn’t anything you get excited about, you might not want to start monetizing your blog. In blogging dollars, 5 dollars is a lot of money. I think a lot of bloggers can’t even make $5 dollars with their blog. Do you know how hard it is to make $5 with adsense?

If you feel like you know the value of money and would like to make five bucks with your blog, you are ready to make money with you blog. If you won’t be happy with $5 bucks, then don’t even bother making money by blogging. Having the right attitude is important when you start your blog. When you start your blog, you’ll discover that you’ll work hours upon hours without making a dime. And then after you’ve worked hard, you will occasionally get rewarded with a payment of $5. If you won’t appreciate that, then maybe making money with a blog isn’t your thing.

Of course, as your blog grows, your income will grow. I wouldn’t be doing this if i only expected $5 for my labor. If i knew that i would continue to only make five bucks with my blog, i would quit this make money blog. But i know that my blogging income will grow. But in the beginning, you should be happy with $5. Making money by blogging is not as easy as johnchow makes it out to be. That’s why a lot of the johnchow clones quit blogging within a month or two. Blogging takes patience and a positive attitude. If you will be happy with a five dollar payment, then you have a good shot at making money online.

18 thoughts on “How important is $5 to you?

  1. Majik

    It certainly does take a long time to make $5 blogging, but that’s not why I blog. All the monetizing stuff is just a reward for writing to keep my mind sharp! Besides, blogging is fun!

  2. the noob Post author

    witchypoo- :) everytime you say booyah, word, no diggity, babasham, booyakah. i scratch my head.

    majik- yup yup. sometimes i forget that. i guess when writing about money, it can get uninspiring at times, but good thing i have other blogs. i can write whatever i want in those. :) majik, it’s always nice when you leave positive comments. thanks!

  3. Jared Stenzel

    I agree, but for the beginner who cannot attract people who want to advertise on their site adsense is the only way to go. I do think that you should not use adsense and have people advertising on your site though.

  4. menopauseprincess

    Why yes Noob, I DO know how hard it is to make $5 on Adaense. In my Niche, Personal/Want to Make Money it’s exceptionally hard, and since their payout is $100 hopefully I’ll get a check in about a decade!

  5. bloggernoob

    jared- i hate adsense, but on high traffic sites with not so net savvy visitors. it’s a great income generator. but on most blogs, it’s a waste of adspace. just my humble opinion.

    menopauseprincess- 10 years ain’t so bad. 😉

  6. Brian Morgan

    I guess for me the whole focus (should be for me) providing very unique and interesting content. I would like to blog with the help of experts or professionals in certain industries – kinda like the popular newsletter of the 1980’s called “The BottonLine”. As for my own blogging topics – I guess time will tell if I am really putting effort into the time and energy to find and research the “right things”. Thanks Noob. Brian

  7. Mark

    I totally agree with you Noob. At least for me, I’m blogging only as a sideline. Since I’m always in front of the computer while managing my business, I thought it best to try making the most of my time by blogging and monetizing my blog. I’ve got nothing to lose and a little to gain. Now, it might just be a little, but small gains, if accumulated over time…. well, you know the rest. And besides, I’m also enjoying my self.

    So, for all newbies out there, just enjoy what you do. Happy blogging.

  8. the noob Post author

    brian- i think make the content unique and interesting is the only way to go. why else bothering with reading your blog. thanks for visiting brian

    mark- yup, same here. blogging on the side when you have time. not much to lose and it doesn’t require much capital to start. and it’s kinda fun. happy blogging to you too mark.

  9. the noob Post author

    yoko- great attitude, hope you make a lot of those 5 and 1 dollar payments. :)

    proofpositivity- shoot. when i first started, i didn’t even make 20 cents let alone $2. you’re doing great! 😉

  10. Forest Parks

    I make a fair chunk with my old blog now but with the new blog it’s back to square one. And yes $5 matters.

    Lots of people expect millions in their first few years. I hope this silliness will go away sometime soon but I doubt it will!

  11. the noob Post author

    forest- yeah. cause people think they’ll all become the next johnchow. it might be easier for an actor to score a pilot then for a newb blogger to turn his blog into the next johnchow. i think it’s really cool what you’re doing.

  12. mert

    when i read this post, i remembered my first days as webmaster and how excited i was to earn just a 5$. But you lose your excitement after some time and forgot how important it is and you can’t have the same success with your other websites. so you are certainly right you should know how important 5$.

  13. the noob Post author

    mert- exactly. i too remember my first 5 bucks. i thought it was amazing that money could be made online. but now, i have to remind myself how precious even 5 bucks is.

  14. mobile Depot

    It took me a year to accumulate my 100USD Adsense Check. For sure, a $5 is very important to me as a start-up blogger. Thus, writing for a $5 and 20-minute sponsored post really excites me.

  15. the noob Post author

    mobiledepot- awesome. that’s the attitude you need to have if you want to make a few bucks online. :) good job on the adsense check. even tho it took a year. you did what most blogger never do(get paid by google)

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