How Many Backlinks Do I Need to Get Google Page 1?

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How Many Backlinks Do I Need to Get Google Page 1?
This is a typical question asked by anyone who wants to get Google page . And asking this question means that you are on the right track – you understand that getting page 1 does not come itself as a manna from the sky. And that it needs some job to be done.
Before we get into the details of how many backlinks to build to get to the top, it is important to say that link building is not the only job you should do. You should also take care of the content on your site and make this content nicely “readable” to search engines. Still, backlinks remain to be a critical factor in getting to the page 1.
How Many Backlinks Do I Need?
The Answer Seems to be Simple…

Go to, type into its search field the phrase for which you want to have page 1, check how many backlinks each of the sites on this page has and outnumber them with your backlinks.
Moreover, Google has a special search operator (special phrase) that helps to see how many backlinks each site has. You type into Google:
… and Google shows you the backlinks which it “sees” to the specified site. For example, the way it is shown on the screenshot below:

And everything seems to be great!
Seems to be…
Don’t you feel a little surprised that the almighty Google during its years of dominance in the internet has gathered just some “lousy” 571,000 backlinks? There is nothing to be surprised about, because Google deliberately hides the true information from you.
Google Does Not Want You to Know
How Many Backlinks Each Site Has!

I think it is evident why Google is doing that. Because then everybody will be only checking how many backlinks their competitors have and will be building more. This will turn the Internet and website development into one huge link building mania.
That is why Google is showing you only a tiny portion of backlinks that it really “sees” when you are using its search operator link:
Many people get into this trap every day. They check Jack’s website, see that Google shows 200 backlinks for it, jump on a wagon to build 500 backlinks and … Jack is still on the top. Logically, they lose any hope in building backlinks – very smart of Google to do that.
Are There Any Ways to See
How Many Backlinks Sites REALLY Have?

Solution #1.
Yahoo has its own free service that shows backlinks. Go to, then type into the search field the URL of the site.
Then click Inlinks button, and make sure to choose in the dropdown menus (I highlighted them on the screenshot below) to Show Inlinks – Except from this domain to Entire Site.
This will tell Yahoo tool to show you all backlinks to all pages of this site, with the exception of its own backlinks (which are generated from the inner pages of this site).

772+ million backlinks to! This seems to be a more fair picture than 500,000 backlinks shown by Google’s search operator, isn’t it? :)
But the disadvantage is that this is Yahoo. And though Yahoo is a lot more logical in its backlink numbers, still there is some paradox left of measuring the backlinks of your Google competitors with the help of … Yahoo. This is a paradox, because I would personally not bet $100 on saying that Google and Yahoo “see” and index the sites and backlinks the same way.
It is the same to measuring the body temperature of your neighbor and then correlate it by the average temperature in your city to find out your own body temperature. Funny, tricky and not the best way to do it.
Solution #2.
3rd party scripts and software – you will find tons of tools that are helping you to get information about the number of backlinks and the anchor text of the backlinks (which is also important) for any niche you need.
But guess what. They are outsourcing this data from Yahoo, because at the moment this is the best tool on the market. And Yahoo has the problem I mentioned above – this is not Google.
People who sell the backlink checking tools will always persuade you that “Yahoo backlink service is still pretty good” – but they have to SELL their backlink checking solutions and this “Yahoo is good” mantra is the only viable excuse they’ve got.
But These Solution are Not Solutions!
Yes, this is true. At the moment there is no ultimate and effective solution to see how many backlinks exactly your Google competitors have. Because Google is against it and hides the most important info. I would do the same in their place.
But the purpose of this post was to open your eyes about 3 things:
(1) You know that Google’s link: is not going to help you.
(2) You know that Yahoo tool can help, but this is not the ultimate helper – so get prepared for surprises about its numbers and what Google demands.
(3) You can check how sincere and professional your SEO service is – if you decided to hire someone for link building, and they blatantly say something like, “We see that with X number of backlinks to get Google page 1 and that is why pay us $Y for building that number of backlinks” – then most likely they are brainwashing you, as only Google knows how many backlinks you need. All others can only guess and estimate.
My Own Solution
As you can see, as a SEO expert, I fairly admit that this is still a game of guesses and estimations, even after you used Yahoo tool to see something more or less real.
That is why I need to be prepared to seriously outnumber the competition. You must have so many backlinks (quality backlinks) that this huge number should protect you from any surprises.
Build as many as you can. Leave the rest of the world in their attempts to trying to catch up with you. Today it is possible to build quality backlinks and, preferably, do that for free. I would recommend you looking for the communities where you are not limited with the number of backlinks that you can build, because this is the best strategy you need for outnumbering your competitions with backlinks.
This is a fight. And those who are prepared with knowledge, desire and proper tools have serious chances to win this fight.
Wish you SEO success and abundance!
About author:
Nick Bokhonok – inventor of Internet marketing and SEO tools since 2000. His latest community is a free membership where people build one way links and get content for their sites.

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    That is amazing the difference in link numbers between Big G and Yahoo. That Google is one slick cat. Any way, if you are looking for another post topic some other ideas on how to get the links would be appreciated.
    Thanks for all the work you put into this post.

  2. proson

    Hi nick, the numbers of links to get a site to rank top 10 are unknown. If there is a precise number than everyone is doing it and the search engines are after all a lousy site to use! Just imagine back to the old days when SEO just equaled to the meta tags…

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    Oddly enough, I have positions 4 and 5 on page one of google for my blog, but when I do the link search as described above, Google tells me ‘1’ while competitors blow me have 50+. There is more to it than just back links and anchored links.


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    Just what I was looking for. Provided some help with my questions about backlinking, but still leaves getting them a hard task. Thanks for the yahoo link though. It will help a lot!

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    gr8 post, i agree with you, backlinks is important for getting google pagerank but most important is contents quality.
    A week i don’t write any post and my blog SEO is down, before its still have indexed in page 1 with “SEO webmaster analyzer” keywords, and now its just indexed at page 5 with google search

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