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posts.jpgI started this blog with multiple posts. It helped me get some search engine visibility and helped me grow this blog faster but at the same time, I’ve overwhelmed my readers. I rarely read a full post oh someone else’s blog so how can i expect my readers to real multiple posts on this make money blog. So I’ve decided to cut down on my post frequency. I will write one or two posts per day. Some days I’ll mix it up but the norm will be 1 or 2 make money post per day.

I’ve found that a lot of my posts have been neglected. I think it’s because most people read half of the first post. When a new visitor comes to your blog, you’ll only have a few sentences to make an impression. Most will leave and never come back, but if your top post is solid, a few of them might return. The first post is the only post people seems to comment on. My other posts just get pushed down into archives without being read.

Keep this in mind when you place ads and referral links. When you’re promoting an affiliate links, try to place those links as close to the top as possible. The popular 125×125 side bar ads should be placed at the top also. If you want to become more popular with entrecard, try putting it on your header or the top position in your sidebar. Seems to have worked for joetech.

I don’t think this will affect my traffic that much. Bloggernoob is a set up like the us constitution. This make money blog has amendments so if this doesn’t work, i’ll change it up and post more. Just a noob trying new things with his make money blog. Cheers!

4 thoughts on “How many posts per day

  1. kmcgra

    RSS subscribers really drop off if writers take just a little vacation, too. Seems like blog readers are an impatient lot. They remind me of that little robot in “Short Circuit” (a movie from the ’80’s)

    “Input!…Input!…I need input!”

  2. the noob Post author

    chica- haha. merry new year to you chica. :)

    kmcgra- yuppers. whats the point of having a blog if you aren’t going to regularly update. i love that movie. i loved part 2 aswell. “los locos kick ur ass. los locos kick your face into outer space.”

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