How much are entrecard credits worth?

elisha cuthbert makes money onlineI’ve been purchasing entrecard credits for quite a while now. I buy them on ebay and i buy them from my readers. From my transactions, i would have to value entrecard credits at around $3.30 per 1000 entrecard credits. At this price, you can see how much your entrecard widget is making per month. My entrecard ad space costs around 500-1000 entrecard credits a day. I’ll take the average of the two. If i take 750 credits/day and multiple it by 30, i’m left with 22,500 credits at the end of the month. If i divide that by 1,000, i have my monthly income via entrecard. I make $22.50 per month with my entrecard widget. The income is not great, but it’s better then project wonderful or adsense. More importantly, i get a lot of traffic via entrecard. And i could add to how many credits i earn per day, by dropping off my card on other blogs. If you’re not already on entrecard, you really should check them out. It’ll help you make money online.

15 thoughts on “How much are entrecard credits worth?

  1. HART (1-800-HART)

    Wow. or, rather .. Woooooooosh! That went right over my head!

    I’ve given up on EC but, still have them on my 1800HART and PetLvr blogs .. they go for 8 credits each :)

  2. bloggernoob

    jared- a thousand days. that’s a long time. u think you’ll still be blogging in 1k days? u think i will? isn’t the world gonna end in a thousand days? 😉

    hart- entrecard has been something that i continue to endorse. it just works. it gets you free traffic, and it’s a good place to quickly find and visit other blogs in your niche. wish i thought of it first. arrrgh. then i’d have a few hundred k as an asset(website)

  3. bloggernoob

    billywarhol- let’s calculate 24 billion ec credits…comes out to 79.2 million dollars. i’d take the cash. you could probably move to hollywood and get you at least 79 elisha cuthbert lookalikes. or build yourself one. haven’t you seen 90210 doctor. 😉

  4. Jared Stenzel

    The world is certainly not going to end in 1,000 days. The Noob is going to save us all.

    As a side note, I need some help a) determining how much to sell a 125×125 ad for when I have 20 subscribers, and b) where I should look to find subscribers. IE forums or other sites like that.

    Thanks Jared, you gave me a great idea for a post 😛

  5. the noob Post author

    jared- nothing in life is for certain. u never know. the noob is not hancock. 125×125 spot with 20 subs? hmm. if you’re a good salesman, u could probably fetch 2 dollars. 😉 more important then subscribers, is your serps and traffic. best way to get subs is by holding contests.

    did u just thank youself?

  6. KushMoney

    WOW! I never really thought about entrecard in a money sense. I tried selling 1,000 credits for $5 didn’t work.

    I am giving away 10,000 credits right now in a contest on my blog.

    After reading your post I will start selling my credits for $3-$4 per 1,000 ec credits after the contest is done.

  7. Jared Stenzel

    No that was you thanking me for the topic idea :p $2.00? Alright if I sell 6 of them I’ve paid back my domain name!

    $2.00? I think I’ll go for $5.00.

  8. bloggernoob

    jared- 😉 didn’t mean it to be insulting. u could charge $5 which is still reasonable, but i bet you’ll sell out quick if you undercut the price. I see a lot of bloggers with unsold private ad space for around $5 and $10. go with $2 😉

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