How much money do you want to make?

moneyblog.jpgI think blogging goals should be set when you first start you blog. I know not everyone is in the blogging game to make money, but it doesn’t hurt right? So what’s your monetary goal? How much do you want to make with your blog? $10 a month, $100/month, $1000 a month? I won’t mention anything in the five figure a month range cause that’s not very realistic for you noobs. But it’s totally possible to make a thousand dollars a month with your blog. How? Read on my friend!

Making money by blogging isn’t rocket science. I’ve mentioned numerous times about how basic it is. It all depends on how much time you have to dedicate to your blog. Making $10 a month from blog can be achieved by even the stupidest of bloggers. If you’re not able to make enough to cover your hosting bill, then you really need to pray to the blogging gods, cause even a monkey could probably make ten bucks a month. If praying doesn’t help, leave me a comment and i’ll offer you some personal noob advice. I be moses and lead you to the promise land. If you can spend around an hour a day on your blog. I think you should set your goal around the $100 a month range. Once you reach a hundred, you just keep growing your blog to reach the thousand dollar mark. I reached the $1000 mark after a month. Keep in mind that i’m an idiot. So you should be able to do the same.

Making a hundred a month from you blog is easy. All you need to do is write 10 to 20 sponsored posts. But the only problem is, that your blog needs to be 3 months old to qualify for such programs. Even your blog isn’t that old yet, i recommend you hit up people in forums for posting jobs. That’s what i did in the beginning. Just post a thread with a link to your blog and traffic stats. Of course you need to have some traffic to get any jobs. Don’t expect to make money if only you and your mom reads your blog.

From sponsored reviews, you’ll move toward affiliate links. This can be tricky cause most affiliate links are a hard sell with blogs. You’ll have to do some off line marketing in the beginning. Hit up some of your friends. Convince them to try blogging out. Tell them it only costs 10 bucks. Give them ten bucks to start a blog. You’ll make around a $100 per hosting sale. Have them click your link to buy the hosting deal. Browse through all the different affiliate links to find stuff you can sell. If your friends like movies, maybe you can get them to join netflix or blockbuster. If your friend needs a new computer, get yourself some HP or Dell links. Anyway, you figure that part out. I made around $700 in affiliate commissions my first month. I’ve slowed down in that department but only cause i’ve been so busy.

From affiliate links, you’ll move to private ad sales. I haven’t fully developed that yet with bloggernoob. I don’t know the market yet and this blog is still relatively new. I’ve introduced free ads just to test out the market. I’ll have more info at the end of the month. I’ll share with you my top secret info. Anyway, this is the cream de la cream of blogging money. A-list bloggers make the bulk of their blog income from private ad sales. It’s the best and hardest way to monetize your blog. I’ve already sold a few text links ads but i haven’t made a lot of money yet, but mark my words, i will.

From the moment you set your blog, set some monetary goals for your blog. Ask yourself how much you thnk you can make. Ask yourself how much time you want to devote to blogging. Ask yourself how much you want to make.

6 thoughts on “How much money do you want to make?

  1. the noob Post author

    aj- thanks. i checked out rabbitwhisperer. i love the title by the way. i think it’s great cause you have an ultra specific niche. you’ll develop authority for rabbit keywords and all you need to do is mention affiliate links in your posts and adsense should bring in a few dollars a month. when u grow traffic i think you adsense dollars will grow too. rabbit lovers arent as web savvy as make money blog readers. so ur sure to get some clicks.

    killian- that’s great. i still have a lot to learn as well. i make sure i have good sources of info. not johnchow crap.

    formortv- welcome welcome. feels good when people say im not an idiot. thanks guys.

  2. eastcoastlife

    Hi noob,
    I came to your blog by Entrecard. I’m also a new member – only 4 days. hehe…

    I have been blogging for 2 years, mostly personal posts and I have good traffic.

    I was surfing the blogs on Entrecard when I came across so many money making blogs. I didn’t know that I could make passive income from my blog.

    I wrote a review for a travel company once and was paid about US$100. Only one time. Oh… and I got a cellphone from LG to promote its LG Shine. :)

    I had 2 requests to buy advertisement spots on my blog recently but I didn’t know how to charge them nor make the 125X125 pixel. I’m the idiot here.

    Would you like to take a look at my blog and comment. I would appreciate very much if you could give me a tip or too.

    Nice to know your blog and I enjoy reading the posts. I hope to learn more from you.

    Have a nice weekend. It’s Friday here in Singapore. hehe….

  3. the noob Post author

    eastcoastlife- nice blog! i have this thing about blogspot blogs, but even still i like your blog. especially the sex scandal post. :). well i see that you have a pr 4 blog with decent alexa, technorati, etc ranks. if you get some good traffic, you can really start making money. your pr is your biggest asset. pr 4 gives you a lot of paid posting opps. but if you don’t want to lose your pr, stay away from paid posting. or at least stay away from payperpost. But sponsored and smorty should be fine. As for 125×125 ads. they’re really easy t do. all you have to do is put a link with picture. if you want the exact code. leave me another comment or email and i’ll send you an example code. as far as pricing, i good rule of thumb for 125×125 ads are. for every 100 uniques a day, charge 5 bucks. im not sure if that’s industry standard, but in my calculations, that seems reasonable for a month long ad. if you get 300 uniques a day, charge 15 bucks. hope that helps.

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