How much to put back into your blog

blog.jpgI’ve made a few dollars with bloggernoob dot com. Every day i grow more interested in the idea of making money online. I think it’s completely possible and i see it as a smart alternative to an off line business. It’s cheaper, faster, and requires less work. So…if internet ventures, including bloggging, should be looked upon as businesses, obviously we have to invest into the business. How much should we start investing into out blogs?

There are a lot of forms of internet businesses. Too many to cover so i’ll just stick to blogging for now. Blogging is something that requires regular updating. It can grow to become pretty profitable, but don’t expect to become the next super blogger. Keep your goals reachable. This is important cause you don’t want to get too disappointed and quit blogging before you even give it a real shot. I’d say that with hard work, you could grow your blog to where it consistently makes 2,000 dollars a month after a year of blogging. I’m already making over $1,000/month and it’s barely been 3 months. I’ve made over three thousand dollars. That’s right, i’m a thousanaire. 3 times over! WooHoo!

I don’t spend much money promoting this blog. But i plan to make some calculated investments. I will probably develop some free themes for people to download. Probably cost me a few hundred dollars. I also want to hold more contests and stuff. But all in all, i don’t think i’ll invest more then 25% of my earning back into this blog. Why? Cause it’s really not worth it to exceed that amount. Getting reviewed on high profile sites is costly and i’m, sure i’ll get a hit of traffic or like a day. But that’s not what i’m looking for. I want to grow my site organically so i learn more about blogging. This will equip me with the info i need to write good content. If you made a few dollars with your blog and want to start spending some of your earnings back into your blog, you should only spend around 25%. Anything more is just showing off. Anything more and you’ll have trouble balancing income with expense. Anything more and it might not be worthwhile to maintain you blog. Because blogging is labor intensive, you have to think about how much your time is worth. If you’re only make a dollar per hour blogging, you probably don’t want to invest that many hours on it. Time is better spent working at micky Ds. If you only spend an hour a day and you make over a 1000 dollars with your blog. That puts your hourly earning at $33.33. That’s not too shabby. It’s like poker. Good players keep track of their winnings. If you sit at a table for an hour and make $100. That’s way better then sitting at a table for 40 hours and making $1000. Time is Money baby!

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  2. Peter

    Hi Noob
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  3. JustChris

    My blog’s been online for two months and I haven’t made a single cent yet. Why, you may ask? It’s a video games blog! Awesome to the max. One thing that needs to be stressed more in articles about online ventures is that the topic you’re getting into can greatly influence your money making potential. There should be a case study on comparing blog incomes from various topics.

  4. Mirjam

    That is absolutely wonderful, making a $1000 a month only after 3 months :O I am in awe!
    I am definately going to pay attention to you :D:D

    keep up the good work and good luck to you!

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