How often does alexa update?

This blog’s alexa rank updated a few days ago to 324032. I check now and it’s at 285554. I’m not complaing here but i don’t understand how it happened. Does anyone know? Do they do an initial update and then in the following days have a final update for the month? Maybe you guys can help me out with this one.

6 thoughts on “How often does alexa update?

  1. Karl Erfurt

    Sometimes I have seen similar fluctuations in the Alexa rankings. I have noticed that the Alexa numbers that are shown in the widgets and in the Firefox search status bar seem to update about once per week. These rankings are based on the last three months of reach and page views, so it’s kind of a composite average sort of thing. If you have a “good week” where the reach and/or page views were higher than they were during the week that occurred three months ago, then this could cause a boost in the overall average.

  2. Netvestor

    Alexa updates usually once a week. Number you see on the toolbar is your three month average. To see your actual alexa ranking (last week) go directly to alexa site. You will see it is around 81,000 which is great.. Lot of traffic there my friend.

  3. Nick

    You’re doing well noob, keep it up.

    Alexa is a strange tool, but once you get your head around it, then you can use it to your advantage.

  4. David Rader

    I could be wrong, but I would assume they do it according to the website. For instance, if only 6 people have been visiting a website per month for 7 years, I think they would check that less often than one where lets say last month there was 8000 visitors, the month before 700 visitors, and this month 800 again… it changes more, so they need to keep track of it more often… At least, that’s how I would do it to maximize spider resources.

  5. the noob Post author

    karlerfurt- thanks for adding your input.

    netvestor- Thanks for pointing that out netvestor. yeah 81,000 is not too shabby. :)

    nick- thanks nick. because of my paid postings, i’ve given up on google pr so alexa is all i have. my only baby.

    davidrader- interesting point. it would make sense that they would do it that way. and i always thought blogs were updated more frequently then other static sites.

  6. Allyn Paul

    I don’t go near Alexa anymore…I can’t remember everything, but she’s mad at me…something about a backseat, a beer and my foot on her arse pushing her out the door in the snow. ?????

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