How the law of diminishing return applies to Alexa rankings

How the law of diminishing return applies to alexa rankings

When i first started this blog i had zero indexed pages and an alexa rank of 8,495,838. Then i wrote a few posts and stopped blogging for a couple of months. When i logged back in to try blogging again i noticed that i had indexed pages in the double digits and my alexa rank had jumped to 4,387,384. Wow. I jumped up 4 million places. That either means A. that my randoms posts were awesome or B. 4 million people with blogs are just complete shit. I think its A.

Anyway it kinda got me to want to blog, i mean i jumped up 4 million places. Then i started really posting in late October. My next jump came a week later and i had grown to rank 2,298,221. Still a good jump but notice the pattern. My rank is at 1,374,313 now. I think in a week or two i should be at around 700,000-800,000. And if i ever reach to five figures i know it will be slow to climb the ranks.

Its like dieting. If a fatty weighing 400 pounds goes on a diet, he or she will probably lose a hundred real fast. But then the dieter will start seeing less improvement even tho he or she is eating less and working out more. Its just the law of diminishing return.

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