How to deal with losing visitors

jaime presleyDon’t fret too much if you recently lost some visitors. Bloggernoob is constantly losing visitors. But, my traffic remains relatively stable. I swing from 300-600 visits a day.

When your blog is new, you will experience these swings. Don’t let it discourage you. If you look at all the big time bloggers, they too go thru these types of swings too. The point is to stay focused and build up a solid site. The older your blog gets, the more power and income it can potentially produce. Don’t give up. Giving up won’t help you make money blogging.

This is the internet. If you build up a blog to where it has search visibility, new visitors will flock to you site. That’s why it’s important to keep working the search engines. Visitors that no longer show up have probably out grown your blog. They might have quit their blog. Or, they found a blogger better suited for their taste. All of this doesn’t matter. The focus is to extract as much money from you blog as possible.

If you’re losing visitors, you are probably doing the same things you were doing during your blog’s infancy. Those traffic streams have been exhausted. It’s time to move on. You can’t expect to grow your blog by doing the same tired routine. Go out and find other sources of traffic. New sites and programs spring up every second on the net. Go and find it. If you want to learn more, you better research more. Reading my blog or any other “make money blog” just won’t cut it. I recommend hitting the web forums. It’s a great place to find answers and network. Hit up, sitepoint, digitalpoint, and wickedfire.

9 thoughts on “How to deal with losing visitors

  1. exinco

    this happen to my blog recently. my visitor are drop little but my alexa are drop more. i hope that visitor come to my blog and drop some comment.


  2. the noob Post author

    funked- i listed the more popular ones…but there are so many. plethora of web master forums.

    exinco- it’ll come around.

  3. jj-momscashblog

    I think every blog will at some time or other go through this challenge. I agree with visiting new sites and getting out to the forums and research. Like you said here there is something new on the www sprouting up every second so there’s plenty of new places & ideas to haul in new visitors or try to keep the ones you have.

  4. FTGamer

    I have an average of anywhere between 200-500 a day. Very unsteady, especially since almost all of the traffic goes to one post from one type of keyword.

  5. The Rich Blog

    Good Article. I would also recommend advertising on social networking sites as they are rapidly growing in recent years. I have been receiving most of my website’s traffic through Twitter and Facebook.

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