How to get more out of sponsoredreviews

sp1.jpgI’ve been getting steady income via sponsored reviews. This site is the second largest paid posting site on the internet. Only Izea has a bigger market share. They are fast with their payments and they offer a lot of daily posting gigs. I’ve averaged one posting gig every day for the past 50 days. The highest paying one i’ve done is $20 but most of the one i get offered are $5 or $10. The income isn’t large but it’s steady and requires minimal work. Here’s how you can get more out of sponsored reviews.

sp.jpgBid on as many posting gigs as possible. I’ve bid are over 800 projects. As you can see in the picture, i have been rejected by 156 sites. It’s no biggie. I don’t take it personal. It’s a numbers game and i’ll continue to keep bidding. There are close to 700 bids that are pending. I’m not sure how long it takes for the site owners to process the bids, but doesn’t really matter. Just bid on as many as you can and you’ll start seeing jobs thrown you way. The great thing is that you don’t have a time constraint. You can accept a job and post it a few days later.

sp3.jpgLowball your bids. Bloggernoob dot com is capped at $100 for posting gigs. That means i can charge $100 per post. But i don’t do that cause i want to get my offers accepted. Post a lowball figure and you’ll start seeing more jobs. Try taking the minimum price for each bid. Swallow your pride and take those $5 dollar posting jobs. It’s still five bucks and those things add up. Also, they are super easy to do.

sp2.jpgList multiple domain/blogs. I have 3 blogs registered with them. I haven’t made that much with my other blogs, but i still get some offers for them. It’s added income. A five dollar job isn’t much, but multiply that by 3, 4, or 5, and now you got $25.

Hit up their website every day. Bid on them new projects as soon as they become available. The job posters only want a to spend a fixed amount so be one of the early birds.

I’ve made 297.70 with sponsored reviews. It’s not a lot of money but it’s enough to cover my hosting bill for over 3 years. If you found this post useful…subscribe to my RSS feed.

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  3. Ben Cook

    I guess if you’re happy with the amount of work for that income then it’s a win win. But personally, it takes me about an hour to write up a quality review and you can bet I’m not going to spend an hour to make $6.50. I don’t bid anything less than $100 for any of my blogs unless I think I can write the review in less time. I’d be curious to know what your hourly rate is writing reviews for this low of a price.

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