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jessica biel affiliatesA lot of you were stunned when i posted my first income report. You guys were stunned at my affiliate income. I received a few emails asking about how i made so much with my affiliates. I didn’t know it at the time, but making money with affiliate programs can get pretty hard. As you guys know, my affiliate performance has dropped in the past few months. I still make money online with various affiliate programs, but i don’t push them as much on bloggernoob dot com.

The reason my affiliate income is down is cause i’m stopped promoting them. I stopped promoting them cause i wasn’t seeing the returns. It was better for me to focus on other streams of income. I started focusing on private ad sale. My private ad sales has sky rocketed in the past month. On a blog like this, it’s better to push private ads and paid plugs as opposed to adsense or affiliate links.

I still believe that affiliate links are the way to go. As long as it’s not a make money online blog, you should try to push your affiliate links. Money made through affiliate programs takes less work and can grow to be very passive.

I think a lot of you guys don’t know how to make money with affiliate links. You guys are just as lazy as those adsense losers. You think you can just paste a couple affiliate links and money will start rolling in. That’s not how it works. You have to have a detailed strategy. Websites that make a lot of money with affiliates usually get a lot of traffic. I’m not talking a couple hundred, i’m talking about a couple thousand hits a day. And it also helps to have a super specific niche.

For example, if you have a web hosting related site, you should try to have a lot of tutorials. You should fill your sites with accurate reviews and comparisons of different web hosting options. You gotta work the competive keywords and give it a lot of time. A site like that won’t grow over night. It’ll takes months and months of tweaking to get the ball rolling. But once it gets rolling, you’ll start seeing $100 commissions here and there. I have a web hosting site that’s starting to bring in around $100-$200 dollars a month. I don’t spend time writing posts, but i make sure i post once a week, and i work at building links to that site.

I will use a credit card review site as my other example. I don’t get that many credit card signups, but i’ve been getting some nice side cash with credit reports. The site runs on auto pilot, as i have a program that fills the site with content. When i have extra time, i try to build links for that site. I don’t know who visits, but they link and check their credit reports a few times a month. It’s not a lot of money ,but without any work, that credit card site is making me around $30 dollars a month.

Affiliate programs are great money makers. Make sure that you’re signed up with all of them. You’ll find that not all of those programs will fit your style. Some affiliate managers will work with your and try to help you out with your marketing.

The giants of affiliate marketing are usually the corporate backed mega sites. Large wedding or travel sites are a gold mine. Those sites make tens of thousands of dollars via affiliate links. Building a site that makes a lot via affliate programs is not easy. I would suggest you research before you make the jump. My next site will have a budget of around $1,000. I will purchase a premium domain that has the keywords i’m looking for in it. I will make sure that domain has been aged and some PR. I will then build a lot of links and try to update often. Filling the site with free info is what it’s all about. Get mass traffic, and a small percentage will click a few of you affiliate links.

I think it’s best to try to catch a lot of small fish, or catch a few big fish. With affiliate commissions, you should choose if you want to go for a lot of lead commissions or hit a few big commissions. If you want to get make money with leads, you should think about setting up an incentive site. Dollars leads might not seem much, but if you get a hundred of them, it ends up becoming a hundred dollars. Incentive sites are a good one to have in your collection. If you’d rather set up something that tries to hit the bigger commissions, (web hosting, credit card) then you should try to mix in some off line marketing. Try to mix in some print ads with your email campaigns.

Don’t waste your time pushing affiliates on your “make money online” blogs. It’s not worth it. It’s almost as bad as adsense. Recognizing the type of programs that work on different sites is the key to success.

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  1. User name:

    Make money online with affiliate program, if you take this affiliate way you can make money online with commission fee when you selling other people product or services.


    Yeah, it’s always best to review your affiliate program.

    Another trick is to build your subscriber’s list. =)

    Great post… Has always been curious

  3. Forest

    I am trying to work this whole thing out right now.

    I have managed a few small sales but not with any of my new sites.

    Thanks for the great post. I will look forward to hearing about your new site, when it happens, and hopefully you will report back here about it.

    BTW- Did you get my MNF Keyword email??

  4. wendy

    I belong to only one affiliate program where I make 100% comissions but that is not my reason for repsonding here.
    I agree with your theory I do not push my program I discuss other things The links are there if they are interested

    It takes time to build a good reader base and enough hits to your sites to even think about attempting make money in other ways

  5. Jared Stenzel

    Quit reading my mind noob. So I’m in the works of hiring a coder to make me an incentive site. I do make money with affiliates. Not saying it matches your private ad sales monthly? Maybe it does. I make about $10 a day through my affiliate program. I’ve gotten 2.4k refs. I also just won a prize on a blog. It was a $150 affiliate marketing class membership for free. It has over 58 10+ minute videos on it with so many topics being covered. I’ll share somethings I learn with you I’m sure.

  6. Psiplex

    “Don’t waste your time pushing affiliates on your “make money online” blogs. It’s not worth it. It’s almost as bad as adsense. ”

    Your honesty is appreciated!

  7. the noob Post author

    jacob- it’s not an seo trick. I just like famous people. beautiful girls

    user name- yeah

    grademoney- thanks grade

    forest- yeah it takes time. yes i did get the mnf keyword email. thanks forest. i haven’t had time to look it over tho, been focusing on private ads. i’ll reply once i’ve looked it over. thanks again forest

    carl- exactly! u like beautiful girls too? i wonder if there are more like out there

    wendy- amen to that wendy. which site makes you the most with affiliates?

    jared stenzel- yeah, i remember u told me about the incentive site. how is that going? $10 a day with affiliates, damn. that’s really good. mind sending me the link to the site? congrats on the prize, althought it’d probably be a rip off if you had to pay the actual $150 tho

    psiplex- honesty is the best policy. 😉 don’t trust my honesty tho, i sell out quicker then nintendo wii. 😉

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