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i domains and catherine zeta jones make money onlineI wanted to talk once again about domain name investing. I honestly think that everyone that wants to make money online should do this. Investments are cheap and easy to do. You don’t have to mess with trader fees or even learn a lot about the stock markets or whatnot. I guess it is in my nature to invest. I have been doing real estate investing for about ten years now. I talked about how four letter dot coms are great investments. LLLL.com domains haved dropped in price the past couple of months. You can find a lot of them for pretty cheap now. Investing, whatever type it may be, is only good if you have some sort of strategy. I’ve been researching the i domain market. I bought a few good i domains (idomain.com) in the last few weeks. A lot of the dot com domains starting with i or e can be found at low prices. These domains will go up in value and will be more rare as time passes. I domains are great cause it can be used as “internet.” It also helps that iphones and third party applications are called iwhatevers.

If you are just going to follow the crowd, you might miss out cause there are a lot of people who just follow the crowd. From my research, not a lot of people are taking advantage of these i domains. Remember the e domains from the first internet boom. Domains like etoy.com and eloans.com fetch a lot of money. You can really build up a strong brand with a dot com domain starting with i or e.

If you are not convinced by my words, maybe these stats will get you more interested. I’ve been looking over how much certain i and e domains have been fetching lately. Here is a list of some of the good ones.

ipastas.com sold for $51. 10/05/08
igrandstand.com sold for $81. 10/05/08
enobles.com sold for $26 10/05/08
iaired.com sold for $71 10/05/08
imugshot.com sold for $258 10/03/08
imarvelous.com sold for $355 10/03/08
icompacts.com sold for $36 10/02/08
istylish.com sold for $212 10/02/08
irecyclebin.com sold for $68 10/01/08
ibury.com sold for $62 9/30/08
ewhys.com sold for $20 9/30/08
iobsessed.com sold for $89 9/28/08
ejumpstart.com sold for $56 9/28/08
ifactorydirect.com sold for $129 9/25/08
iredtag.com sold for $46 9/25/08
iunderstandnow.com sold for $62 9/22/08
edroid.com sold for $213 9/22/08
estash.com sold for $201 9/21/08
ikettle.com sold for $62 9/19/08
iwaltz.com sold for $251 9/17/08

As you can see, investing in such domains can prove to be quite profitable. We are not talking about millions of dollars, but if you buy and sell enough of these, you can make a hundred dollars a day easy. I and E domains are great for branding.

I’ve also seen some nice SEO domains that sold for hundreds of dollars. If you can hand register some good SEO related domains, you could probably flip it for over a hundred dollars easy. Don’t take my word for it tho. Research this market yourself and see with your own eyes. Making money online with domains names is still possible.

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  2. John Sullivan

    Hey Chris
    What’s up.I was worried wasn’t seeing the email updates like a while back. Those domains are cool and I have some for sale.They are a good way to make some money.
    I was wondering if you dropped that I’ll buy an ad campaign you used to have? I have a few PR4 domains for sale,with wordpress on them email me if interested I don’t need or use them.
    Hope all is well

  3. Srednarb

    I should have take iSrednarb instead of my current domain chosen. I was not able to read this post only until now. well maybe better luck next time to me, nice sales indeed!

  4. sc

    if you go to incspring.com,(no i am not connected with them.) which i found out thru springwise, you can see more opportunities.
    if you have graphics talent,you can take your domain and make a logo or brand and ask for a higher price.
    so folks are doing several ways to profit, some offer just domains, or you can sell full websites with traffic and content, or a domain with a logo brand, or with just an exclusive template to the full shop site, and “open and customize” if the buy the shop.
    or i guess you can do a little of each.

    as for profitable prefixes or suffixes;
    btw, if “cloud computing” takes off, i think the domains with cloud in them might become popular. i have recently acquired a domain with cloud in it.

  5. djarchi

    Hey the noob, I was wondering if you had any tips as to how to choose the name of the domain you buy. In other words what words are more popular with the “i” prefix? Also do you think quality or quantity is more important in domain investing?

  6. goofblogger

    I have noticed that lots of people that have tried a certain prefix and made a sale that covers more then the registration fee, start to add more and more of the same prefix to a large group of domain names.

    So, probably best to test out a prefix personally or just recent sales before jumping on any bandwagon.

  7. jj-momscashblog

    I’ve several domains that I purchased awhile back and have just had a call regarding one of them, so I’m keeping my fingers crossed. Do you always go through a broker to sell yours?

  8. jj-momscashblog

    I’ve several domains that I purchased awhile back and have just had a call regarding one of them, so I’m keeping my fingers crossed. Do you always go through a broker to sell yours?

  9. the noob Post author

    john sullivan- hmm. my name is not chris. 😉 you’re selling a few PR4 domains? email me the url and price.

    jay- idutch.com for $499, nice. I’ll add it soon.

    toga- np toga. just know your limit. you don’t want to be faced with a lot of renewal costs.

    togato- ok

    kushmoney- hmm. i’ll have to check this out. that has to be some sort of catch tho. like u need to get hosting or something. and dot biz is not that good. i have only one dot biz domain. pending.biz

    srednarb- does srednarb mean something? i think idomains are only good if the i is infront of a generic word or term.

    shafar- yeah

    sc- thanks for sharing info about incspring.com. seems like a good idea. but, not sure if those brands sale. The prices seem really high. Have you sold anything via that site? never thought about cloud, i must look into it. Cheers.

    djarchi- well, i use some tools for keywords and sites like estibot.com. just try to get as much info as possible. but if you are lazy, doing a quick search for the word or term in google should help. If iburger.com is the domain. search for burger in google. iburger.com is a great domain btw. 😉

    goofblogger- yeah, people like to milk stuff, but i and e are different. first of all, it is just one letter. second of all, the letter has meaning. think ipod, iphone, itunes, or, etoys, eharmoney, etc. buying up Noobwhatever.com is stupid, but iwhatever or ewhatever dot coms are great investments.

    animesh mehra- spam, but since domain starts with e, i’ll leave it be. don’t spam tho please.

    jj- my background is in real estate, so i hate brokers. 😉 first of all, i don’t own a lot of high priced domains. i think a broker should only be used for really expensive domains. like in the xx,xxx range. good luck with the sale of your domain. after the sale, please let me know how it went. thanks. 😉

  10. the noob Post author

    joseph- im not a dot mobi extension. Don’t know that much about it, but i feel that the dot com has a firm grip on the industry. instead of the dot mobi for mobile domains, i’ve seen a lot of i dot coms. in my personal opinion, i’d rather visit imoney.com as opposed to money.mobi.

    i don’t think i’ve ever typed in dot mobi before

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