i hate the word evil

natural_biggie.jpgEvil makes me think of darth vader. Its not a word people use often because its a silly word. We don’t live in the middle ages anymore. If you’re not a hobbit or a star fleet commander, then you probably shouldn’t use this word. It makes me uncomfortable.

Maybe you guys have heard about RSSxplosion. Its a service where you pay to up your RSS feed readership. Make money bloggers have been getting all riled up about this site/service. Two issues. First one being that the owner of the site impersonated johnchow and referenced other bloggers on his site without permission. Impersonating is wrong. He should have been smarter about that but the service itself isn’t. SEO and internet marketing is about tweaking the system to maximize profits and traffic. Whats so bad about upping your rss feed count.

I think its entertaining when make money bloggers get all angry. It reminds me of the Tupac/Biggie dual. Westcoast/Eastcoast-DeathRow till i die N word.

I guess because of the money involved people get pretty serious. Its important to not forget that we are all dorks here. We type in a few words and it should be fun. I guess its true what they say. “money is the root of all EVIL” Damn i hate that word.

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