I just got paid for my referral

ppp.jpgBloggernoob dot com’s referral income is almost double that of the paid posts. I hadn’t gotten paid for my referrals yet so i was a bit concerned. I read about how PPP doesn’t pay and yada yada yada. Someone even posted on one of the comments that he referred hundreds of people and still didn’t get paid. I think he was bull pooping just to show off. I like to see for myself so i patiently waited. I just checked and i got my first referral payment. Easy money baby!

If you’re looking to make a few bucks with your blog, paid posting is a great option. Of course it’s not as glamorous as a shoemoney type adsense check, but who cares. Money is money. Cold hard cash is not prejudice. The great thing about joining payperpost is that they offer 15 bucks for every referral you make. I’ve referred a total of 48 people to ppp. 48 times $15 is $720. Not bad right? If you haven’t done so, join now and start making a few extra bucks with your blog. They’ll even pay you $20 bucks for you first posting gig and you can earn more by referring your readers.

3 thoughts on “I just got paid for my referral

  1. bloggernoob

    girlgonefishing- you should. but be warned…with ppp, you’ll get slapped by google.

    bloggeroftheweb- referring both advertisers and bloggers. mostly bloggers. it’s a pretty good deal. the sites that only pay out for advertisers suck!

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