I lost a few of my sites

paris hilton doesn\'t like webhostingpadI just had a terrible experience with one of my web hosting providers. I had a few of my sites hosted with Webhostingpad. I try out a lot of different shared hosting providers to test out how they function. I’ve never had problems with Bluehost or hostmonster. I’m ok with hostgator, but i have to say that webhostingpad is the worst web host in the market. They have horrible customer service and their servers are really slow. I was willing to stay with them cause i didn’t want to hassle with moving my sites over to another host. But, it looks like i am forced to switch. I just lost 5 of my websites. Three of them were blogs with a lot of content. I was so pissed so i decided to call up tech support. I had to wait for over an hour on the phone and the guy was an idiot. He couldn’t help at all. They didn’t have backups of my sites so they are all gone. If you want to make money online, avoid webhostingpad.

It was kinda my fault. I should have switched at the first sight of trouble. And, i should have had backup copies of my sites. Anyway, all that content is now lost. All that hard work down the drain.

Learn from me guys. Always, i mean always back up your sites. You never know when a webhostingpad is going to get you. Oh yeah, never…i mean never go with webhostingpad!!!!!!! Don’t get suckered in by their cheap prices. They are cheap for a reason.

13 thoughts on “I lost a few of my sites

  1. the noob Post author

    desmond- they’re not major sites, but i didn’t spend time on them. all the work is gone. They were new sites so i’m not that bummed. i probably lost over 30+ posts. bummer. I learned to back up my sites tho. I knew this, but didn’t put it into practice with smaller sites. I should in the future. I mean,,,,i will in the future. And, i’ll try to test out a webhost before i commit with a lot of sites. Man, webhostingpad sucks asss!!!1

  2. Steve

    I do know what your saying. I had used webhostingpad for a few of my friend’s local websites and he lost alot of information a little while ago from them. I do have to say I enjoy Bluehost and hostgator.

  3. whataboutblog

    That really sucks. I had a similiar issue a few weeks ago with the host provider iPower – their customer service was useless in providing assistance. Fortunately, I had most things backed up, but it’s easy to overlook when things usually don’t go wrong.

  4. the noob Post author

    steve- yup. they suck. webhostingpad is by far the worst shared hosting provider. I’ve used a lot in the past. but they take the cake. I would never recommend them to anyone. especially noobs.

    allyn paul- hmm. never thought of that. I’ll check. thanks allyn for the input. if it works out, i let u know.

    whataboutblog- ipower ehh. cool. i was thinking about using them for a friends site. i guess i’ll pass. i should set up a webhosting review site. The big ones out there aren’t very honest.

    jack- i know man. It’s all good. It’s all a part of the learning process. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  5. the noob Post author

    i like anhosting, bluehost, hostmonster, and even hostgator. I even have a dedicated server. U see, i have a lot of websites. I like to spread out the sites with different hosting providers. I also like to test them out for my own personal research. The monthly cost of adding another shared host is better then getting more ip address for individual domains. also, when u start setting up a lot of site. u start seeing slow loads and processes if you put a lot of different CMSs up per addon domain. I could put them on my dedicated, but i need it for my two big projects.

  6. No noob

    Webhostingpad sucks big time. Suspended my site cause of high CPU without any notice. And now they kicked me out. I asked them for refund, they told me that I violated their rule and eat up my money.

    Btw, hostgator, is it good?

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